Agile Analog


At Agile Analog we have brought together a team of industry veterans from the analog, IP and design automation worlds to revolutionize the way Analog IP is developed and delivered. Based in Cambridge, we are growing quickly to become one of the world’s leading Analog IP companies. Using our innovative technology, we are able to design Analog IP faster, to a higher quality, and on any semiconductor process. With our best-in-class deliverables we are widening market access to Analog IP in a way that facilitates our customers’ capabilities to develop innovative chip designs.


Agile Analog is building a broad IP portfolio targeting applications including IoT, Security, Wireless, AI, Automotive and general SoCs/ASICs. Our products include: ADC, DAC, LDO, Bandgap Voltage/Current Reference, Clocks/Oscillators, Temperature Sensors and Comparators. We are continuously broadening our product portfolio to meet our customers’ Analog IP needs for Power Management, Sensors & Data Converters and Clock Generation.