Akronic is a specialized design house and IP provider offering high-performance RF/mm-Wave and analog/mixed-signal custom integrated circuits solutions and services at various CMOS and BiCMOS technology nodes in all major foundries.


We pose an extensive know-how in complete integrated wireless transceivers for communications and radar systems which is transformed into silicon IP solutions and design services that address the needs of the modern wireless systems.


Enabling breakthrough in wireless connectivity, our target is to provide leading edge microelectronic solutions for the most challenging applications. Our bespoke services expand across a broad range of applications from DC up to above 100GHz in different market sectors including telecoms, automotive, aerospace and IoT.


We continuously keep abreast of the latest semiconductor technologies and can contribute from sub-system design to complete turnkey solutions. Following a customer-centric approach, we are committed to provide outstanding value by blending integrity, technical excellence, time-to-market and cost efficiency.


RF/mm-Wave IC design

– SSB and DSB up/down conversion mixers (active or passive)

– Variable Gain Amplifiers

– Power Amplifiers and drivers

– Low Noise Amplifiers


– Frequency multipliers (doubles, triplers, etc.)

– RSSI and power detectors

– IQ LO generators (poly-phase, hybrids, activer)

– IQ vector rotators

– Packaged chips up to 100GHz

– 5G, 802.11x, backhaul/fronthaul (6 – 43GHz, 60GHz, 71 – 76GHz, 81 – 86GHz), FMCW radars (24, 76 – 81GHz), VSAT, etc.


For more information, visit: http://akronic.com/specialty/rf-mm-wave

Analog & Mixed-Signal IC design

Low-pass filters


– Leapfrog, OPAMP or Gm-C based

– 5th or higher order, Chebyshev, Butterworth, etc.

– Channel bandwidth selection

– Cut-off frequency over process re-adjustment

– More than 1GHz maximum cut-off frequency


Base-band functions


– Bandgap, voltage references and current generators

– Gain-control operations, linear-in-dB or stepped

– Power/envelope detectors and RSSI

– AGC loops

– ALC loops

– LO leakage compensation

– Temperature sensors, LDOs, etc.


Signal converters


– High-speed ADC/DACs

– Switched-capacitor and current source DACs

– Successive – approximation (SAR) and time-interleaved ADCs


Frequency synthesis


– Fractional/Integer-N PLL

– Reference divides and multipliers

– Multi-modulus prescalers

– MASH, PFD and charge-pump

– Loop filters

– VCOs and ALC

– Drivers, multiplexer and demultiplexers


For more information, visit: http://akronic.com/specialty/analog-mixed-signal

RF/mm-Wave radio transceivers design

Wireless transceivers for communications


–  sub-GHz, Bluetooth, WiFi, X-Band, VSAT

– Wireless transceivers in C, X, Ku, Ka, V, E, bands

– IoT, 5G, P2P/PTMP

– Unlicensed 60GHz for Gbps wireless connections (indoor or outdoor)

– E-band, point-to-point, wireless links (71-76GHz and 81-86GHz)

– Multi-Gbps wireless communications at 120GHz


Millimeter-wave radar sensors


FMCW radar transceivers for automotive and mm-Wave sensing applications:


– X-band, 24GHz, 60GHz, 79GHz, 94GHz and 120GHz imaging

– automotive 77GHz-LRR

– automotive 79GHz-SRR


Phased-array systems


– X-band, Ka-band, V/E-band

– Passive/active phase-shifters

– Analog, digital and hybrid beamsteering


For more information, visit: http://akronic.com/specialty/mmw-ic-transceivers

IP Cores

mm-Wave transceiver - ALTUS28

Compete wireless Ka-band transceiver (24-32GHz)

mm-Wave transceivers


17 – 23GHz transceiver


37 – 46GHz transceiver


57 – 66GHz transceiver


71 – 78GHz transceiver


78 – 86GHz transceiver



Electronic antenna beamsteering

  • X-band four elements
  • Ka-band eight elements

Low power and high performance PLLs

– VCO (2 – 12GHz)

– VCO drivers

– Charge pumps

– MMDs

– Mash

– PFDs

– Loop filters

– IoT and mm-Wave links


– Low noise amplifiers

– Power amplifiers

– SSB and DCP up/down conversion mixers (active or passive)

– Frequency multipliers

– RSSI and power detectors

– IQ LO generators

– Phased-array systems

– VGAs, limiters, etc.


– 5th Order Chebyshev Filter

– Bandgap, biasing, gain controls

– Temperature sensors

– Power sensors

– LDOs

– ADC/DACs, etc.