Ardentec provides semiconductor testing solutions in memory, logic, and mixed-signal ICs for integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), pure play wafer foundry companies, and fabless design companies. The primary service focus at Ardentec is on wafer test.


Supported Services :

  • Test Development Service
  • Product Testing Service
  • Engineering Services before Mass Production
  • Mass Production Engineering Services
  • Probe Card Service


Led by a group of experts with extensive experience, Ardentec was founded in 1999 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The customer base, many of them are worldwide top-10 IDMs or top-10 fabless design companies,


Asia Pacific to North America and Europe.


Ardentec Singapore Pte. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Ardentec Corporation in Taiwan.


Being the extended arm of Ardentec Corporation Taiwan as a strategic location in South East Asia, Ardentec Singapore Pte. Ltd. provides our regional customers a better service through a shorter cycle time, meet our valued customers’ demand and towards total customer’ satisfaction.


Testing Services

Ardentec is a professional testing company providing semiconductor wafer and IC test related services.

Test Development and Product Testing Services is provided to reduce the time-to-market of customer products and to ensure product quality.


Test Development Service :

— Design-review participation with Customer

— Product characterization,

— Test Program development,

— Cross-platform conversion of existing test programs,

— Optimization of Test Program.


Product Testing Service :

— Product verification and correlation,

— Yield analysis and improvement,

— Test Time reduction, etc.

— Known Good Die (KGD) Testing


Ardentec has a broad array of leading edge Test Systems / Equipment to sustain customer’s testing demands on advanced products.

Close working collaboration and support from our Equipment Vendors.

Engineering Services before Mass Production

In IC design phase, Ardentec is capable of providing suggestions on test plan so that products in manufacturing can be tested with desired quality and cost. Ardentec also provides test program development service and test program cross-platform conversion per customer’s product information. Ardentec can conduct product characterization for customers to advise best testing solutions for production yield enhancement and production ramp-up.



  • Test engineering consultations and recommendations for design
  • Test plan and test program development
  • Test program cross-platform conversion
  • Complete product characterization


Mass Production Engineering Services

Ardentec provides services to assist customers in yield improvement and test cost reduction during the mass production.



  • Suggestions and services of test time reduction
  • Yield analysis and enhancement
  • Laser repair yield analysis and improvement
  • Timely retrieval of test data on secured internet
  • Well-controlled and traceable test program management System
  • Test data analysis and periodical report provided

Probe Card Service

Ardentec provides customers with total solutions of probe cards, including their design, manufacturing and maintenance. Ardentec is equipped with a computerized probe card management system to allow engineers to conduct preventive maintenance services more effectively and keep all related records in database for probe card performance analysis and enhancement.



  • Probe card manufacturing plan and recommendations
  • Subcontracting probe card manufacturing for customers
  • Probe card maintenance and repairing
  • Probe card performance analysis

IT Web Based Data Services

Web-based test Information Management System (MIS)

  • Quality information (RT rate, nonconformity products and their causes, etc.)
  • Wafer / Lot Bin summary, Single / Stack wafer Bin Map
  • Wafer correlation (yield / map comparison, correlation report, etc.)
  • Pass / Fail Wafer Map for assembly houses
  • Repairing data ( for laser repairing)
  • Yield trend analysis chart


Web-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

  • Lot yield / Lot WIP; lot traveler / history from wafer to final product


Testing ( Turnkey solution)

  • Traceability of product testing information
  • Product / Process Traceability ( by work orders)

Quality Services

Ardentec has established Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 with top management commitment, total employee involvement, and continuous improvement to pursue coherent customer satisfaction and to become a preferred partner of customers. Customer-oriented quality management systems assure the success from test program development to mass production to meet customer’s test requirements.


To ensure overall product test quality, Ardentec not only executes rigorous production spec. management system but also controls key parameters of test equipment and tools in a systematic way.


ISO Certifications :

ISO 9001:2008 / ISO 14001:2004 / ISO 14064:2006

ISO/TS 16949:2009 /  ISO 22301:2012

OSHAS 8001:2007 /  ISMS 27001:2013

Common Criteria