Argo Semiconductors


Argo Semiconductors offers design and engineering management services for FPGA and ASIC solutions employing analog, digital and hybrid analog-digital signal processing circuits operating at any frequency up to 100GHz. Argo Semi designs reliable, high-performance and low-power, embedded systems for large corporations and small customer companies alike.


Argo Semi has long experience in the wireless communications semiconductor industry (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, 2G/3G/4G/mmWave 5G cellular, NFC). Beyond design services, we also offer troubleshooting task force services. Main business model is project-based services.


Digital Signal Processing Circuit Design

  • DSP algorithms and hardwired DSP architectures and circuits
  • Digital baseband modem modeling and optimization
  • Digital RF: Digital PLL, Digital Transmitter / Digital PA
  • RF/IF DSP: down/up-conversion down/up-sampling stages
  • Compensation of analog RF non-idealities, Calibration
  • Beamforming
  • PLL predistortion in direct modulation, PA predistortion
  • Basic components: Filters, Viterbi (VA) decoder
  • Experience with standards: WLAN, BT/BLE, NFC, GSM
  • Deliverable options: RTL, Netlist, FPGA prototypes
  • IC aspects: Low power design, RTL formal verification

Analog Signal Processing Circuit Design and Layout

  • Analog baseband modem modeling and optimization
  • Analog RF, mmWave design and layout
  • Analog Front-End (AFE): PA, LNA, TR-Switch
  • Multi antenna related: phase shifter, combiner
  • Components: mixers, filters, VCO, DCO, Analog PLL, generator of digital clock
  • Basic Circuits: BandGap, Voltage Regulator, OPAMP, Switched Cap AMP, Σ-Δ modulators, C-to-V converters, power detector
  • Self-test to enable analog self-optimization
  • Experience with standards: 2G/3G/4G/mmWave 5G cellular, Wi-Fi
  • Technologies: CMOS, Bi-CMOS, CMOS-SOI

System Design and Optimization

  • Feasibility study on physical layer of wireless and wired telecommunications
  • Transmitter chain modeling and optimization
  • Receiver chain modeling and optimization
  • Extract block specifications based on system specifications
  • Feasibility study of systems involving
    • hybrid analog – digital subsystems
    • multi-rate subsystems
    • mixtures of discrete-time and continuous-time systems
    • time-variant subsystems
  • System studies involving analog front-end and antennas
  • System studies involving antenna arrays and digital control
  • Mixed signal system modeling & verification

Engineering Management Services

Argo Semi has long experience on remote coordination of multi-site, multi-country engineering teams. Therefore, beyond allocating individual engineers on a project managed directly by the customer, the following options are also offered:

  • Allocating a team of engineers on a project along with a Project Manager, for allowing more centralized reporting and reduced time overhead for the customer.
  • Allocating a Project Manager for coordinating heterogenous engineering teams as dictated by the customer, possibly supported by an engineering work force by Argo.

Troubleshooting Task Force

The Argo Semi engineering team has been very successful on analyzing complex engineering problems and resolving well-hidden design bugs. This is achieved by engaging experienced engineers with complementary technical backgrounds, in close collaboration with the customer’s engineering team.


In particular, our specialty covers system level issues of mixed analog / digital circuits and/or hybrid discrete-time / continuous-time circuits.

Patent Consulting

Argo Semi supports the patent portfolio development by providing consultation on


  • identifying patentable items
  • performing prior art search
  • preparing patent application drafts, including figures, description text and patent claim structures
  • connecting to experienced patent attorneys around the world, as specified by the customer.


This way, our customers are offered the means of controlling their patent portfolio development costs by enjoying Argo’s engineering-level charges for a substantial part of this activity.