Fabless semiconductor company which provides ASIC design and production services. AST’s ASIC solutions serves as a focal point for ASIC and COT design services as well as turn-key solutions for advanced technologies (180nm, 90nm, 65nm, 40nm, 28nm, 20nm and 16nm) and mixed signal applications.


AST is specialized in Bitcoin ASIC solutions and has already completed several high end Bitcoin ASICs.


Vast experience with medical, telecom, industrial and consumer projects.


AST’s IP Solutions provides a wide range of digital and analog IP, high speed, data security IP, verification IP and IP management tools.


AST supports its customers with full range capabilities by offering Software, Embedded and Hardware design as well as Image Processing development and full Turnkey solutions.


ASIC Services

AST’s ASIC Design team has accumulated over 60 years, a vast experience in a wide range of technologies and an excellent reputation and references with a proven track record with over 150 successful ASIC designs. Special emphasis has been given to Mixed Signal including custom analog design, as well as high end DSM technologies for networking applications.


We support all existing technologies nodes (0.5um, 0.35um, 180nm, 90nm, 65nm, 40nm, 28nm, 20nm and 16nm) and with all leading foundries (TSMC, UMC, SMIC, XFAB, TOWER and more).

Mixed Signal Services

AST specializes in analog and mixed-signal and offers off-the-shelf silicon proven IPs as well as custom analog and mixed signal design services ranging from consulting, project management to full development of turnkey solutions.

Specialize with high end ADC/DAC, SERDES and RF projects.

Spec-in / Turnkey Services

AST will turn your idea into a full working product in mass production. Our services are including System HW and SW development and integration.


We have done many spec-on projects including ASICs for different industries, from spec to high volume production.

IP Cores and Chiplets

High Speed Serdes solutions

High end and very efficient Serdes solutions:

  • 56G PAM-4 single lane
  • 56G NRZ single lane
  • 28G NRZ single lane
  • PCS

High end, high speed ADC/DAC

Ultra low power and miniaturization ADC and DAC.

  • 14b 25Msps (12*2.5Msps)
  • 12b 75Msps
  • 2x12b 10 – 80 Msps ADC
  • 10 bit 1Msps

Custom ADC/DAC design is also supported

Low-Power, Cost-Effective 8- and 16-bit MCUs

  • Among the fastest 8051s & 80251s.
  • Mature, Tiny, & Legacy Replacement versions.
  • Rich peripheral options: configure within core
  • Easy coding & debug; full eval system

All from the longest-running 8051 IP provider, with hundreds of thousands of shipping units.

Video, Image & Data Compression

  • H.264 AVC & H.265 HEVC
  • No-compromise quality
  • Ultra-Low Latency
  • JPEG 8- & 12-bit
  • CIF to 4k & beyond
  • High-Performance
  • Lossless Data Compression: GZIP/ZLIB/Deflate
  • Reduce bandwidth
  • Decrease memory requirements


  • MIPI-D & MIPI-M PHY & Controller


  • RF IPs
  • Customer RF IPs
  • Custome  RF design