Australian Semiconductor Technology Company


ASTC is integral to the global embedded electronics supply chain, supplying semiconductors, IP and software, to OEM and systems companies.


ASTC’s range of IPs and ICs, IQonIC, including RISC-V embedded processor and application specific IP, Security elements and MCUs, are being used by designers of embedded semiconductors and systems to create application specific SOC IP platforms. Examples of applications include Intelligent Sensor and Microcontroller ASICs, USB Type-C/PD Controllers, Power Adapter Controllers, I3C, Real Time IO Control and IoT applications.


Complementing IQonIC is ASTC’s premium virtualization solution, VLAB. VLAB makes it possible to virtualize and automate the end to end flow of embedded product development. From the early definition phase, right through to final release and support in the field.


ASIC Development

Our ASIC solutions offer RISC-V and ARM based CPUs for applications of IOT, USB-C/PD, Secure MCU, General purpose MCU and designs. ASTC can take up development based on customer needs and requirements, either GDS sign off or packaged devices. ASTC have worked on many RISC-V based projects including USB-C/PD.




USB-C/PD Firmware

Designed, tested and validated against the latest standards, our software is powering USB-C/PD devices in the field. The list of deployed applications is diverse and now includes VR headsets, ruggedised charging units and meeting room extenders.



IP Cores

Secure MCU

IQonIC Works has developed a range of IP blocks and technologies that secure our own MCUs and can supplement or enhance custom MCUs to make it possible for both manufacturer and user alike to have that confidence.


IP, including:

  • Cryptography
  • Random Number Generation
  • High Security Modules
  • Trusted Execution Environments
  • Physical Memory Protection


IQonIC MCUs are designed to meet the needs of customers. IQonIC offer a range of IP to choose from that can be used as is or integrated with other IP.


Our MCUs are based on RISC-V IP. RISC-V cores offer better performance, power, security and cost. Customer can access a full suite of design IP including,


  • RISC-V IP (Core and Platform IP) package
  • Synthesizable RTL
  • Verification IP, Simulation test bench and basic test cases
  • Example synthesis scripts
  • Documentation (Data sheet, integration guide, programmer’s guide)
  • Reference designsFPGA project files and sample firmware source code


A solution that doesn’t dictate, but accommodates what your application requires. Whether it be IP, Software or both, customers can take confidence in knowing that they are working with industry leading and proven components.


IQonIC Works has a proven track record with USB C/PD, across multiple customers and applications. For customers looking to upgrade to the most recent standards, the latest additions to our portfolio include USB4 and Thunderbolt 4.