Beckermus Technologies


Beckermus Technologies has more than 20 years of experience in providing micro-assembly services in the fields of microelectronics, micro-optics and photonics.

In Beckermus, there is no minimum order quantity, we support our clients from the very first steps of prototyping through small amounts assembly and up to mid-high quantities.

Our microelectronics services include the following IC assembly technologies and applications:

  • Wire bonding
  • Die attach -CMOS, CCD, MEMS, MOEMS, Pressure sensors, VCSEL, Laser diodes, microcontrollers and more
  • Flip chip
  • Encapsulation
  • Chip on board/Chip on flex
  • System in packages (SiP) and Multi-chip module (MCM)
  • Wafer level packaging
  • 3D stacked dies
  • Wafer dicing/sorting

Our Micro optics/photonics assembly services:

  • Optical modules assembly
  • Active alignment
  • Electro optics and photonics assembly


Our clean room includes 7 workspaces and over 60 workstations, spreading on ~700 square meters. Our facilities received class ISO 7/6/5 certifications and ISO 13485: Medical devices, AS9100D aerospace, QMS certified, IPC-A-610 and MILL-STD 883 qualifications.


Microelectronic Assembly Services

Wire Bonding

-Automatic/manual Ball Gold wire bonding

  • K&S ICON, F&K Delvotech, Esec

-Automatic/manual aluminum wedge Bonding

  • ASM, K&S

-Ultra low loop, RF profiles, custom profiles

-Au, Cu and Al automatic wire bonding

-High accuracy bond placement.



-Wafer level packaging

-Placement accuracy down to ±1 µ

-Automated die bonding on wafer.

  • Wire bonding.
  • Flip Chip – gold, solder, copper bumps.


 Die Attach/ MCM / SiP

  • Placement accuracy down to ±1 µ
  • Manual/Automatic die attach
  • Dispensing – Time-pressure, auger and JET
  • Active alignment
  • Die types: CMOS, CCD, MEMS, MOEMS, Pressure sensors, VCSEL, Laser diodes, microcontrollers etc.
  • Substrates: FR4, FLEX, Ceramics, Glass, Silicon, Teflon, Diamond, ead frames etc.


Flip Chip

  • Manual – fineTech, FinePlacer, Lambda.
  • Automatic –Hacker.
  • Placement accuracy down to 0.5 micron.
  • Heating profiles: both through head and heating plate.
  • Inert soldering



  • Glob Top
  • Dam & Fill
  • Selective Encapsulation
  • UnderFill
  • Low Profile Encapsulation
  • Dispensing – time-pressure, screw system


Chip On Board / Chip On Flex

  • Die size – down to 100µ square.
  • Die bonding accuracy – 2µ.
  • Automatic Wire bonding (Au, Al, Cu).
  • Pads pitch ≥ 45µ (0.7 mil wire diameter).
  • Ultralow loop/shape, advanced wire bond loops.
  • Molding/Encapsulation.

Stacked Dies

  • Complex structure assembly:
    MEMS, ASIC, 2 voltaic cells, SMT, CMOS, filter.
  • Technologies: flip-chip inert soldering, conductive and nonconductive epoxy gluing, UnderFIll and wire bonding.

ectro-Optics and Photonics Assembly Services

Optical Modules Assembly

  • Class 1000 environment
  • Automatic Components handling and Bonding
  • Automatic Dispensers for High accuracy adhesive control

Active Alignment

  • Automatic Active alignment process. including 6 Axis motored stage.
  • Placement accuracy down to ±1 µ
  • FiconTEC CL1500 upgraded specially for Beckermus to serve multiple types of projects.
  • Manual active alignment for R&D purposes, including Optical table and 6 Axis stages.
  • Class 1000 environment.

Electro-Optics, Photonics

  • Class 1000 environment
  • Active alignment processes.
  • Back-end assembly of micro-electronics including Die bonding, Wire bonding, Encapsulation.

Electro Optical Design

Architecture & Design

  • Comprehensive optical system simulation: requirements analysis, physics, optics, and budget.
  • Integrative modeling and design of optical elements and systems
  • multiple solutions for rays and waves shaping.
  • Optomechanical design – Integrative multidisciplinary design


Rapid Prototyping

  • Prototype approximating the targeted optical system or module.
  • Algorithmically sensing and simulating of real-world conditions


Pro lab work

  • Early stage selection of components
  • Characterize optical and semiconductor components, never count on datasheets.

Supply Chain Services

Inventory Management

  • Storage of raw materials, goods in process and finished goods in dedicated, separate storage rooms.
  • Stock monitoring and planning. Usage of advances software, serial numbering and barcodes to ensure control of volume and location
  • Holding clients’ stock in Consignment
  • Arranging components in kits according to specific assembly requirements.
  • Using advanced software for optimal stock control.
  • Periodical stock counting, according to client’s process flow.


Material planning

  • Materials utilization services
  • Keeping an optimal flow of components
  • Adherence to our clients’ business plans and sales forecasts
  • Planning for optimal inventory, avoiding surplus or shortage



  • Connecting to the client’s technical requirements, timelines and business forecasts.
  • Working closely to our customers in order to reach the client’s budgetary goals and meet their cost reduction targets.


Packaging and shipment

  • Finished goods leaving Beckermus’ facilities are carefully packaged in dedicated materials suitable for microelectronics’ transporting.
  • Shipment is available worldwide with a variety of global forwarding services and couriers.

Wafer Level Services

WLP – Wafer Level Packaging

●        Automatic processes of high accuracy Die Bonding (up to 1 micron), wire bonding, Flip chip.

●        Advanced Wafer dicing


Wafer Dicing / Sorting

●        Supporting 4-12 ” wafers from variety of materials

●        Sorting dies from wafer to gelpack / waffle pack