Caliber Interconnect Solutions


Caliber Interconnect Solutions is a product engineering solutions company with a proven track record of offering Integrated product engineering solutions for major global players for diverse industries like Semiconductor , Automotive, Railways, medical etc.


With our world class infrastructure and high caliber engineering professionals with deep technology expertise, we also provide solutions for Embedded Product Engineering, ATE/High speed Board Designs, Hardware Simulation and IC/SIP Packaging solutions, IC Testing etc.


Our game changing design and product solutions for our customers have enabled them to stay ahead of competition and also help them in solving the conundrum of reducing Time to Market and cost factors while rapidly increasing the standards of Quality.


Full Turnkey Wafer and Final Test

With more than 20 years of experience in providing IC testing and allied services, Caliber can support customers for a high quality test bring up in a nimble and cost effective manner.


Test Applications

Test strategy and planning Prototype Testing

Wafer Sorting/Final test (low/high volumes)

Qualification and Characterization

Production releases

Cross Tester Platform conversion IP


Test Engineering Infrastructure

SoC Tester:

Advantest V93K – Smart Scale

Teradyne uFlex Simulators:

Advantest V93K

Teradyne Eagle ETS

TeradyneUflex Teradyne J750

Vector Conversion Tools:


IC Package and Substrate Design

Caliber provides cost-effective high-quality IC packaging solutions that meet stringent space constraints imposed by increasingly smaller devices with better functional standards as demanded by the market in a shorter time frame.


IC Package Design

  • Package designs for both single-die and multi-die. •Wire-bond and flip-chip designs
  • System in Package
  • Chip

Design/Analysis andLayout

  • More than 250+ package designs successfully completed
  • From 1-2-1 to 8-2-8 layers for Flip Chip and Wire bonds
  • SiP designs with 12 DDR chips in 3 stacks

Substrate Design

  • Substrates for Vertical Probe cards to test wafers
  • Organic(MLO) and Ceramic(MLC)Substrates
  • Coreless Substrates
  • Multiple Die in single substrate with 50+ layer counts

HDI and ATE PCB Design

Caliber prides itself as one of the largest design houses in the world churning out thousands of quality board designs to our ever increasing customers on myraid of tester platforms and commercial products.


Interconnect Design for High performance applications

  • System level boards
  • Semiconductor testing (Loadboards and Probecards for ATE interface)
  • IPC Certified Engineers
  • 1000 PCB designs per year – 7,500 plus Designs delivered till date
  • Expertise with Multiple EDA tools
  • Auto-tools and skills for speedy layout