Cortus is an established ASIC/SoC Design company with a very large selection of their own proprietary IP including processors (Cortus proprietary ISA and RISC-V ISA) and many other Analog/RF, Mixed-Signal, Digital and Security (HW & SW) IP.


We believe that the success of a solution starts very early in the system architecture phase, where the hardware/software split or digital/analog split decisions are made. Our extensive experience of prototyping and virtual prototyping has been the key to success for a number of our customers.


One of the benefits of working with Cortus is our extensive in-house IP portfolio. This provides many advantages, our engineers are very familiar with it, the IP integrates well, and it is cost effective both in power and silicon area.


Our IP is generally licensed as part of a design services contract.


Turnkey ASIC Design

Cortus offers a full range of ASIC design services, including firmware and software.


These are some of the areas in which we have expertise:


Mixed Signal [ADC, DAC, TRNG, PLL..]

Analog [LDO, Charge pumps, Sensors, PLL, Bandgap, DC/DC, PMU…]

Processors [RISC-V ISA, Cortus ISA, compact low power to high performance, Multicore, Caches, MMU, CoProcessors, AMBA Buses, Lock-step…]


Digital [DDR, USB, Ethernet, CAN Low Power, Internal Memories, External memory interfaces, FPGA, SystemC modelling…]


Security [Encryption/decryption, Hashing, Uniform execution time, TRNG, Monitoring, Secured CPUs, SPA/DPA resistance, Secure compiler, ISO14443, ISO 7816…]


Protocols [IoT, Comms, …]


Functional Safety [Dual core lockstep, TMR, IEC 61508]


Software [Compilers & Tools, Security tools, Debugger and JTAG i/f, IDEs, ISS]


Real Time Operating Systems


If you need something different to make you better than your competitors, then talk to us. We may well be able to come up with exactly what you need. Our highly experienced experts with their wide domain knowledge backed with our extensive IP portfolio will enable Cortus to architect the optimal silicon solution for your product.

Cortus has a track record of making their customers successful. We have a wide range of experience.


RF [Sub-GHz, LNA, Mixers, Fractional N Synthesis …]


System Architecture [Low Power, Power Management, FPGA Prototyping/Implementation, HW/SW Tradeoff…]

IP Cores

Processor IP

We have a wide range of processor IP, from High Performance, multi-core core capable to low silicon foot print and ultra-low power consumption.


Cortus ISA processors – 32 bit, excellent code density.




Cortus is one of the dozen Platinum Founding Members of the RISC-V Foundation. This has enabled us to leverage our processor expertise into the standards and to ensure that our implementations are both conforming and optimal.


We are also extensive experience at creating custom CPUs and adapting our processor IP for specific customer requirements.

Digital IP

We have a wide rage of digital IP. Everything necessary to create SoCs, from the simplest and power efficient to the most sophisticated multi-core highly interfaced


Our digital IP includes:

Interrupt Controller, PLIC, GPIO, UART – Fixed Baud Rate, UART – Fractional Baud Rate, SPI, I2C, Counter, Timer, Capture modules, RISC-V Timer, Compare, Capture, Windowed Watchdog, Sleep Control, Wait State Generator, Instruction Cache, Data Cache, Coherent Data Cache, AXI MMU and Cache, MPU, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB OTG, Ethernet 10, Ethernet 100


We are used to extending and creating peripheral IP for the exact requirements of our clients.

Interconnect and Memory Interface IP

We have all the interconnect IP necessary to create any ASIC or SoC.


This includes:

Multi-level Cross Bar, AXI Multi-core Support, Flash Memory Interface, Common Flash Interface (CFI) external flash, External SRAM controller, Internal SRAM controller, DDR1 Controller, DDR2 Controller, DDR4 Controller.

On-Chip Debug IP

We have full support for debugging, from the on-chip hardware to the debugging software.


This includes:

JTAG, System Access and DMA Feature, SWD, Hardware Breakpoint Module, Trace Buffer.


We have a range of verified and validated IP for security and cryptology.


This includes:

Secure Debug Facility, Secure Bootrom, Secure compiler, AES Encode, AES Decode, Elliptic Curve, PK Cryptology, Code Signature, TRNG, Instruction Scrambling and Encryption, Data Scrambling and Encryption, Instruction and Data CRC, Instruction Flow Whitening, DPA/SPA Protection Suite.


We also have IP that helps with safety, including:


EEC, Hamming, Lockstep cores.

Analog IP

We have a wide range of mixed signal, RF and analog IP available, including:


ADCs, LNA, Filters, Passive Mixer, 32 kHz Low Power Crystal Oscillator, High Frequency Crystal Oscillator, Single pin 10-50 MHz, Bias Circuit, Constant gm, Reference Voltage Source, Bandgap reference voltage source 3V3, Power Amplifier, ISM bands 433MHz + 900MHz op power 10dBm, PLL, 2 GHz, Phase-Frequency Detector, Charge pump and pulse swallow driver, fractional N and integer N versions, with direct frequency modulation for fractional N version, PVT Sensor, VCO, LDO Voltage Regulators, 3.3 – 2 V to 1.2 V output, DC-DC Converter, 3.3 – 2 V input to 1.2 V output, Power-on Reset, Level Shifter, Peak Detector, Charge Pump, ISM RF Transmitter, ISM RF Receiver.