Creative Chips


CREATIVE CHIPS located in Bingen am Rhein is a German mid-size semiconductor manufacturer of custom-specific integrated circuits for industrial, automotive and consumer applications. ASIC design and qualification, serial production and automated testing of high performance ASICs, but also standard ICs (ASSPs) are part of the complete portfolio.


Mixed-Signal ASICs

also called „System on Chip“, are integrated circuits comprising demanding analog circuits and digital subsystems for signal and dataprocessing. The option to integrate sensors and actors in SOCs based on standard semiconductor process technologies will give you the cutting-edge advantage in competition.

Analog Circuits

We have access to different semiconductor technologies which are excellent suited to create analog circuits with different parameters and properties, as

  • High voltage circuits up to 600 V
  • Frequencies up to 3 GHz
  • Integreated sensors (optical, temperature, hall)
  • Very exact bandgap voltage references
  • Broadband, low offset and low noise OpAmps

Digital ASICs

A wide experience in development of high performance digital systems using Verilog/VHDL programming and the know-how for implementing into modern CMOS semiconductor technologies makes us well prepared for development and design of customized digital circuits of different complexity. With SYNOPSIS tools of the latest release we are able to offer the whole range of services and technical possibilities, from pure conversion of a FPGA into a full customized ASIC up to complex logic development and ASIC implementation using our state of the art EDA tools.


Wafer Production

As a fabless semiconductor manufacturer we are able to offer for each project the best fitting semiconductor technology of different wafer foundries. Using pure wafer foundries guaranties a long technology life time and stable technical parameters.

  • all subcontractors are certified reg. ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001
  • periodical audits of our subcontractors
  • own PCM (Process Controll Monitor) for current parameter controlling

Our foundry partners

IC Packages & Testing

Due to our worldwide cooperation with well known packaging companies we are able to offer different IC packaging technologies including the whole range of standard IC packages state of the art technologies:

  • (L)QFP
  • BGA
  • FlipChip with solder or gold bumps
  • custom-specific CSP, WLP
  • transparent packages (SSOP, QFN, CSP)
  • bare dice (waffle pack, tested wafer)

100 % of ICs and dice delivered to our customers have been tested according to agreed test specifications.

  • Test department of CREATIVE CHIPS GmbH is certified reg. ISO/TS16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • Periodical audits performed through our customers
  • Flexible and custom-specific delivery and quality agreements

Supply Chain Management

We offer the complete supply chain management for your ASIC, for the design and prototypes as well as for the series production.

Further support

  •  Short term sample packaging in ceramic packages
  •  Tape & Reel-Service (in our test department in Bingen)
  •  Drypacking (in our test department in Bingen)
  •  Long time storage (in our test department in Bingen)