by Digital Papaya Inc.


Custom silicon project management consultancy that enables system hardware companies to develop custom silicon and sensors, with silicon experts on their side, that assist them driving their silicon suppliers with confidence. We follow processes and methodologies that are industry leading and proven to work by the best in the industry. We endeavor such that our clients’ projects are executed by their chosen silicon suppliers in a timely and professional manner, and with reasonable risk mitigation measures.


We drive the program through all phases from concept to mass production, and drive many aspects with the suppliers from AMS/DV verification, design reviews, spec reviews, simulations and ECOs at tape out, and validation before mass production. We help system hardware and silicon supplier teams collaborate and get to mass production faster.


Our project expertise extends from analog chips, mixed-signal, sensor chips, and more. We are constantly expanding our areas of competence tapping industry leading consultants as needed.


Our clients range from mature companies to startups and are in a variety of applications such as battery operated devices (wearables, IOT, mobile phones), automotive, emerging tech such as AR/VR, space, medical, and more.  We are always excited to work on new projects in new fields as part of our continuous growth mentality, and we get things done.


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Basic Vendor Selection Package

Drive our silicon process up to vendor selection at requirements phase sign off. We will drive our client’s cross-functional team to align them on concept phase and will work with silicon suppliers to get feedback and bids. We will drive requirements phase sign off, which includes a refinement of our client’s requirements, will also do an onsite proposal review for the proposals made by the finalist silicon supplier, and finally will drive to get a decision on supplier selection with the client’s cross-functional teams.


  1. Drive Concept Phase sign off
  2. Drive Requirements Phase sign off


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Full Silicon Management Package

We will drive our client’s cross functional team and the silicon supplier to align them from concept phase all the way to mass production ramp. This includes helping our clients to analyze proposal and select the silicon supplier that is best for their project.


  1. Basic Vendor Selection Package
  2. Drive Specification Phase sign off
  3. Drive Tape out Phase sign off
  4. Verification package
  5. Drive Validation Phase sign off
  6. Drive Mass production Phase sign off
  7. Drive out of bounds (OOB) reviews as needed
  8. Drive risk ramp reviews as needed


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Verification Package

Verification methodology review, verification plan review and sign off, and tape out review and sign off.


  1. Review AMS, DV, FPGA and analog simulation verification methodology.
  2. Review Supplier’s proposed verification plan and provide feedback.
  3. Review the results of the execution of the verification plan at the tape out review.


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Silicon Roadmap Planning Package

We will develop a strategic silicon/sensor roadmap to support our client’s product roadmap. This includes developing a risk management strategy such that our client’s product roadmap is realized on schedule and on budget with respect to the silicon.


  1. Determine an integration plan for all circuits of interest based on best semiconductor technology node for the application
  2. Determine estimated ROI achievable by proceeding with custom silicon development
  3. Develop a silicon roadmap to support the product roadmap


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Commercial Package

We will assist our clients global supply management team in negotiations with their silicon and sensor suppliers.


  1. Assist in pricing, terms, support and licensing negotiations
  2. Assist developing cost models to support the negotiations
  3. Assist legal teams negotiating MSAs, SOWs, MOUs and other Supplier agreements
  4. Assist planning ramp logistics with the Supplier

Financing Package

We will work with our clients whenever they need to obtain financing for their custom silicon projects.


  1. Provide quotes from our financing partners for your project
  2. Provide assistance closing financing for the project


Disclosure: Digital Papaya Inc. is not a licensed financial institution.