Digital Core Design


Since 1999 Digital Core Design has been focused on IP Cores and SoCs. You can find in our portfolio more than 70 different architectures, among them:

+ World’s Fastest 8051 (DQ80251, which is at least 75 times faster than the original 8051),

+ World’s Tiniest 8051 called the DT8051

+ fully scalable and royalties-free 32-bit CPU, the D32PRO

+ I3C IP Core

+ DCD’s on Chip Debuggers and …

More than 500 000 000 electronic devices around the globe have been based on DCD’s IP Cores. We have success stories both with big corporations like Apple, Sony, Toyota, VW, Philips etc. but also smaller companies, start-ups and universities. Why? Cause every single DCD’s IP Core is tailored to the project’s needs. Your project could be next.


IP Core development

Basing on more than 20 years of market experience, DCD’s team can master almost every IP Core architecture. If you’re looking for a specific solution which is not currently in our portfolio, just let us know, we’ll do our best to design it for you.

IP Core customization

DCD’s offers more than 70 different IP Cores in its portfolio but thousands of various and customized products have been mastered for our customers. That’s why if you ask for more than competitive designs, we’ll be more than happy to do it for you.


DCD believes that the road is a target, not the destination. That’s why we deliver highly sophisticated designs which utilize both DCD’s and other companies’ solutions. If you’re looking for ambitious and innovative solutions, our R&D welcomes you with arms wide opened.

IP Cores

CPUs and MCUs

Dare to say more with DCD’s CPUs:

+ 32-bit CPUs: royalty-free & silicon proven D32PRO; world’s fastest 8051, more than 75 times faster than the original, the DQ80251; and last but not least, the D68000-BDM, 100% compatible Motorola 68k replacement.

+8-bit CPUs: a great variety of 8051 IP Cores (small=DT8051; optimal=DP8051; world’s fastest=DQ8051); HC11 IP Cores (both optimal and fast = 6811 E/F/K); PIC IP Cores (both fast = 166X, 1655X and optimal = 165X etc.)


A great variety of peripherals which can be easily utilized both with DCD’s and other IP Cores. The peripherals target:

+ Automotive (CAN, CAN-FD, LIN);

+ Controllers (PCI, 6840, 8254, 8255, 8259);

+ Display (LCD 32-bit);

+ Ethernet (MAC, MAC-RMII);

+ HDLC (HDLC, 85C30);

+ I2C (Master, Slave, Base);

+ I3C

+ Smart Card

+ SPI (Slave, Quad, Fifo);

+ UART (16450, 16550, 16750, 16752, 16950, 2692, uART);

+ USB (ULPI, UTMI, Audio, HID, MS).

Debugging Tools

The DoCDTM Debug Software can work as a hardware debugger, as well as a software simulator – some tasks can be validated at software simulation level and after this step, you can continue real-time debugging, by uploading code into silicon.

The system consists of three major blocks:

+ Debug IP Core

+ Hardware Assisted Debugger

+ Debug Software