E.K.S.S Microelectronics


E.K.S.S. Microelectronics Ltd  has vast experience in both digital and mix-signal/analog ICs, high speed, low voltage and high voltage/power ICs, and offers in-depth knowledge and experience in the theory and practice of semiconductor physics, technology, industry practices and standards. A wide network of strategic partners that encompasses foundries, sub-contractors, industry organizations and professionals helps us stay up-to-date with the leading edge of the semiconductor industry.


E.K.S.S. is a full turnkey production solution provider for a range of technologies that includes, Energy Harvesting, Power Management, IoT sensors, RFID Tags, Custom applicatons, ASICS and many other applications. Our focused service offering adds value to our customers and helps accelerate the process from concept to final silicon.


Test Engineering


Teradyne Ultra Flex – 1.6 GHZ (Digital), Mixed Signal. RF

Teradyne Flex – 200 MHZ (Digital, Mixed Signal, High Voltage

Teradyne J750  J750ex – 100 MHZ / 200 MHZ (Digital) 16m-64m LVM, Scan Option

Verigy 93K – 1.6 GHz (Digital), Mixed Signal, RF


–       Test program development and debug.

–       Characterization.

–       Patterns conversion (VCD/eVCD/WGL/STIL) and back conversion to VCD/eVCD or Verilog test bench.

Package Design / Selection

– QFN, SOIC, LQFP and more.

– BGA including substrate design.

– Flip-Chip


– MCM (stacked or side by side or both).

– Thermal simulation and electrical simulation.

IC Reliability Tests Management

Per JEDEC or mil-std.

Supply Chain Management

 – From wafers to finish good.

 – Shipments to end customer.

 – Yield monitoring and analysis.