GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the world’s first full-service semiconductor foundry with a truly global footprint. Launched in March 2009, the company has quickly achieved scale as the second largest foundry in the world, providing a unique combination of advanced technology and manufacturing to more than 160 customers. With operations in Singapore, Germany and the United States, GLOBALFOUNDRIES is the only foundry that offers the flexibility and security of manufacturing centers spanning three continents. The company’s three 300mm fabs and five 200mm fabs provide the full range of process technologies from mainstream to the leading edge. This global manufacturing footprint is supported by major facilities for research, development and design enablement located near hubs of semiconductor activity in the United States, Europe and Asia. GLOBALFOUNDRIES is owned by the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC).




Leading Edge Solutions

GLOBALFOUNDRIES ramped 32nm high-k Metal Gate (HKMG) Super High Performance (SHP) technology to high volume production at Fab 1 in early 2011, the first foundry to do so. Our 28nm technologies are based on industry-standard bulk silicon substrates and utilize the same HKMG gate stack as our 32nm-SHP. The 28nm High Performance Plus (HPP) and Super Low Power (SLP) technologies are designed for a wide variety of applications from high-performance graphics and wired networking to low-power wireless mobile applications that require long battery lifetime. Both HPP and SLP utilize HKMG technology for superior control of the channel with high on currents and low leakage current. The 28nm technology offers the smallest SRAM cell size (0.120 µm2) currently reported in the foundry industry, delivering more than twice the gate density of industry standard 40nm processes. At 28nm, GLOBALFOUNDRIES will be on the second generation of HKMG technology and the third generation of immersion lithography. And since the 28nm technology is a direct shrink of 32nm, customers will benefit greatly from the high-volume ramp of our 32nm-SHP technology.

Advanced Technologies

GLOBALFOUNDRIES enables customer designs with a comprehensive suite of production-proven advanced technologies ranging from 90nm and below. Each baseline node is further augmented by plug-in modules such as mixed-signal/RF and various NVM implementations, and fully enabled by an extensive suite of IP’s and tech files from our open ecosystem of IP and EDA partners.

Base Process Technologies

GLOBALFOUNDRIES has an extensive range of established and mature process technologies that differentiate through the offering of a range of “Plug-in” options, by catering to design flexibility and customized applications. The “Plug-in” methodology allows customers to mix and match for their design needs. They come complete with silicon proven EDA/IP solutions, for accelerated time-to-market of the customer’s products.

Market Specific

GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ Value-Added Solutions (VAS) are comprised of modules built on production-proven baseline technologies, structured into application-specific platforms that provide customers a faster time-to-market.

 VAS offers innovative and complete solutions that enable customers to differentiate and win in the dynamic consumer and communication markets. By adopting an application-specific platform approach; on which multiple modules can be “bolted on”, the VAS platform can be enhanced with additional features, like programmability, or expand further to address new markets. Modular technologies like RF CMOS, High Voltage (HV) and Non-Volatile memories (NVM) can be “mixed-and-matched,” resulting in additional flexibility and faster response to market changes.