We provide IP Portfolio focused on making things Safe, Reliable and Secure. These IPs are Focused to Engine Next Generation Products. The IP Segment Focus on Next generation products of –

  1. IOT.
  2. Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Security.
  4. SoC Building Block


The IP Segment can be broadly distributed in –

  1. IOT – Ultra Low Power, Low Processing acceleration and high reliability IPs.
  2. Artificial Intelligence – High Processing Acceleration, Wider Connectivity, Performance on Demand IPs.
  3. Security IPs – Provides Protection, reliability and Inner Strength for System to sustain Electromagnetic, Voltage ,Temperature Noise and Hacking attacks.
  4. SoC Building Blocks – General Purpose Improved Building Block IPs to built Next generation Products/ SoC.


With the increasing demand in Performance, Security and Low Power products, GreenIPCore from PlusQO Corp is providing IPs to easily accelerate your development to meet market challenges and Time-To-Market reduction.