HMT microelectronic AG


HMT has more than 40 years experience in the design and supply of ASICs, primarily for sensors and actuators and over 500 designs have entered production.


Our specialities are robust ICs for high voltage, high temperature applications like motor drivers and piezo actuators as well as low-noise and micro-power ICs for sensors and medical.


We provide automotive IC qualification (AEC-Q100) and production test for zero defect.  The full design and production is qualified for medical production (ISO13485).


We were an early adopter of industry communication standard, IO-Link, and offer a range of IC and product services around IO-Link.


We work together with automotive qualified foundry partners to assure long product life-time.


Where size is important, we offer the design and production of miniature modules using all advanced chip and board assembly techniques.


Robust ASICs

We design and supply ASICs for reliable and safe operation over a long life-time and under harsh conditions (temperature, environment, radiation) while handling high voltages and currents. This requires specific design and modelling techniques, process technologies from foundry partners and stress testing in qualification.  Typical applications are motor drivers, actuators (piezo, solenoid), power supplies and line drivers, for automotive, industrial and aeronautic applications.

Low-noise and Micropower ASICs

Most of our ASICs are either primarily sensor ICs (eg. navigation accelerometers),

or include sensing functions as part of their operation (eg. winding voltage in a motor driver). Extracting the most from the physics requires low-noise design, optimised signal conversion (ADCs) as well as isolation of disturbing and sensing elements in one integration.


Battery powered devices, remote power (field power devices) and energy harvesting devices all require design for minimal consumption. HMT’s foundations in the Swiss watch industry provide the background for low consumption design and short range communication. These require design techniques with low supply voltages, for which HMT have suitable foundry partners.


Typical applications are in the medical, security identification, logging and product tracking fields.

ASIC qualification (AEC-Q100), certification and failure analysis

The increasing penetration of electronics into safety critical domains (medical, functional safety, automotive, aeronautic) and the complexity of the applications requires new levels of control over the design, qualification and production processes. HMT is certified to ISO9001 and ISO13485 for the complete operations, supports DO254 in design, applies AEC-Q100 in qualification and conforms to TS16949 in production.


HMT works together with assembly partners who are qualified to ISO13485 and ISO9001 and provides supplier management and documentation to support medical and automotive product registration.

Production Test (Zero defect)

HMT’s in-house production test facility provides state of the art ASIC electrical volume production testing and storage for wafers and packaged devices, conformal to TS16949. HMT tests 100% of all specified parameters on 100% of all production parts and actively monitors the production statistics for all parts.


Where a zero defect strategy is implemented, HMT supports testing at multiple temperatures and the application of statistical data processing (eg. Part Average Testing, PAT).

Miniature Assembly

HMT offers a broad palette of miniature assembly techniques for miniature modules (PCB assemblies) including custom IC packages, various chip scale package (CSP) conversion and assembly techniques (stud-bumping, redistribution, flip-chip, copper pillar, underfill), and discrete assembly in the smallest dimensions and on different substrates (FR4, Flex, ceramic, Rogers).  Typical applications are in the medical, industrial sensor, aeronautic, motor control (automotive) domains.

IP Cores


IO-Link provides a physically and computationally light-weight communication industrial sensor and actuator ICs and modules which form a significant part of HMT’s business. HMT has a series of IO-Link IPs for incorporation into your ASICs for protocol handling and protection (EMC), a series of device PHYs as standard products and the evaluation hardware and software (mini-stack) to support their use. HMT also develops full IO-Link based product electronics and software incorporating multiple sensor and actuator functions.