At IC’Alps, our mission is to turn your idea into a differentiated ASIC solution made for and exclusively delivered to your company.


From architecture specification through circuit design, silicon production, test and ASIC supply, we can be your single point of contact.


We also offer analog, mixed-signal and digital IC design services, having successfully delivered designs in technologies down to 16 nm from RTL to backend.


You might be wondering what sets us apart? Our experienced and creative team, made up of various complimentary profiles. This team has a track record in delivering sensor/MEMS AFE interfaces, low-power designs, high-resolution converters, and multiprocessors architectures.


Our engineers have designed a library of reusable and customizable analog and digital silicon IP. These in-house components are combined with third party IP blocks within customer designs. Such an approach reduces development risks and costs while ensuring first-time-right project execution.


IC’Alps is an Arm® Approved Design Partner, a member of X-FAB’s design and supply chain partner network, as well as an Imec IC-link partner.


IC’Alps is ISO 9001, ISO 13485, EN 9100 certified and we have deployed an infrastructure that complies with the highest security standards. Our HQ and design center are located in France. We have also formed international partnerships with leading representative companies worldwide.


Turnkey ASIC Design & Supply

Are you getting started with custom chip and it seems like a difficult journey? Do you need a trustful partner to manage the entire ASIC design & supply chain?


With our turnkey ASIC design and supply services, we act as prime contractor to provide you with the most efficient and cost-effective path from concept exploration, to circuit design, silicon, production and ASIC supply:

  • ASIC Feasibility
  • ASIC Development & Verification
  • ASIC Prototyping
  • ASIC Industrialization
  • ASIC Production


We have an in-house pool of experts for system architecture, design, physical implementation, project management, and supply management. For each ASIC project we set up the team of specialists that will complement your team’s capabilities towards supplying on target and cost effective Integrated Circuits.


IC’Alps has a proven track record of success with sensor/MEMS AFE interfaces, low power designs, high-resolution converters, signal processing, multiprocessors architectures, hardware accelerators, to name a few.


Customer testimonial

At Neurallys, we are developing an implantable medical device for remote monitoring of the intracranial pressure, for patients suffering from hydrocephalus. We selected IC’Alps to analyze our electronics under the prism of ASIC through a feasibility study. Their analysis provided our R&D team with very valuable information about achievable performances, size and development costs for an ASIC based integration, including various scenarios. This study demonstrated clear advantages of the ASIC approach to improve the size and the power consumption of our system, especially when miniaturization becomes an enabler to penetrate our market” Philippe AUVRAY CEO Neurallys

IC Design Services

Are you experienced with integrated electronics but you are looking for some support with your design?

Our a-la-carte IC design service is made to complement your team’s work and to accelerate your analog, digital or mixed-signal ASIC project.


Using our infrastructure and EDA licenses, our design team can handle any part of an ASIC design process:

  • Analog design
  • System architecture
  • RTL Design
  • Synthesis and DFT insertion
  • Physical design
  • Floor planning
  • Timing verification
  • Design verification
  • Tape-out management


Our Engineers have a long experience of IC design on technologies from 0.35 μm down to 16 nm.


Customer testimonials

We needed some custom designed IP blocks to open up the door to differentiation for a new chip design targeting imaging applications. In a context of increased competition, delayed delivery of this new chip would have certainly shorten our revenue. That’s why it was crucial for us to manage cost and delay but not at the expense of quality. IC’Alps design team delivered custom IP blocks to the agreed specification, on-time and to budget! We definitely recommend their expertise to any fabless company looking for an IP customization that differentiates your product, ensures IP quality, and delivers first-time right silicon” Laurent MOULIN, Project Manager VITEC


By collaborating with IC’Alps for back-end implementation, Tiempo Secure is now able to provide its customers with a wider choice in terms of technology” Serge MAGINOY, CEO Tiempo Secure.

Supply Chain Management

As your prime contractor we organize your whole production flow from silicon manufacture through to test and life cycle management.


Our independence and experience ensure that we can identify and select the best supply chain partners to fit with your performance, cost and timescale requirements.


With a privileged access to world-class foundries and technologies, we can offer affordable prices for ASICs manufacturing even for small batches through our MPW (Multi Project Wafer) service where ASICs from different customers are combined for production.


Partner testimonial

X-FAB as a specialty foundry relies on skilled and experienced partners. We are very happy to have IC’Alps joining our partner program, so that our customers can leverage from their expertise in mixed-signal IC design and supply chain management” Luidi DI-CAPUA, VP Product Marketing X-FAB

ASIC Industrialization

Do you need to bring your ASIC’s first prototype to an industrial product?


We can help you turn it into a robust manufacturable circuit, introduce industrial test & packaging strategy and ramp up quickly toward your production with a structured industrialization plan:

  • Supply chain identification
  • Partner audit
  • Test plan definition
  • Qualification plan establishment
  • Production scoring
  • Logistic & Storage management
  • Insurance

Design and Implementation Expertise

IC’Alps offers expertise in 3 key areas: sensor/MEMS interfacing, mixed-signal design and low power design.


  1. Sensor/MEMS interfacing

With our wide experience of analog and mixed-signal ASIC development, IC’Alps can design the ASIC to sense and process signals for any kind of sensors:

  • Battery management system: low BoM, High voltage, high efficiency
  • Haptic actuator driver: high voltage, maximal integration
  • Ultrasound transducer: low noise signal acquisition, high speed interface
  • Implantable pressure sensor: ISO13485 design, low power and high accuracy
  • ECG monitoring system: ISO13485 design, high accuracy, data processing
  • Magnetic sensing interface: high speed, high resolution, specific form factor



  1. Mixed-Signal ASIC solutions

Our team has put in place a robust mixed-signal design flow, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EN 9100 certified.


We also have developed an In-house migration tool

  • Accurate performance estimation when using alternative process components
  • Speeds up the migration of schematics from one technological process to another
  • Ensures fast and accurate estimation of achievable performance (power, speed, area, etc.)


Our best practices

  • Tracking of customers’ requests from the specification of needs up to the silicon validation
  • Independency between design and verification
  • Accuracy of modeling
  • Performance assessment from architecture to layout
  • Compliance of the successive implementation results with the requirements



  1. Low power ASIC solutions

Selecting the appropriate process node and the best silicon IP is critical to the success of any low power ASIC project. Most of semiconductor technology providers enable the use of vth variant or biasing scheme. At this step, our analog and logic designers are able to draw benefits from their experiments in order to lead our customers in making the best choice.

For several years a wide spread of design approaches have been developed to address this demand for high power performance. Mastering all of them is mandatory to ensure successful implementation of a wide variety of low power circuit architectures. For example, an always-on circuit may require switching and dynamic power optimization through use of adaptive voltage scaling or dynamic frequency adjustment. Another circuit architecture, most of the time awaiting for event, will require achieving the lowest leakage power. Such concerns at circuit architecture level are the cornerstone of power optimization. Indeed determining where and when the right strategy must be used is the key to success.


At IC’Alps, we have developed strong experience, along with maturity proven design flow and early power estimation solutions (enabling aggressive approaches) leading to the energy efficiency required for your application.

IP Cores

ASIC Reference Designs

We are launching a set of reference designs that could significantly reduce design costs, risk and time compared to starting an ASIC design from scratch.


Our first released reference design, uViSiA, is targeted at high precision and low-power continuous monitoring of vital signs such as Electrocardiogram (ECG), Photoplethysmography (PPG), Bio-impedance (BioZ ) and body temperature.



uViSiA offers the best of what every battery powered medical device should have: it’s energy efficient, secure, cost effective, ready for customization and ISO 13485 certified.


Semiconductor blocks included in this reference design:

  • On chip interfacing with biosensors (signal conversion, filtering, amplification, and conditioning) to collect medical grade accurate and reliable data
  • Embedded raw-data processing
  • Security elements to protect data collection and communication from potential attacks
  • Wireless interface (Bluetooth Low Energy BLE), for compatibility with most equipment
  • Power management


Most medical devices will only need a subset of these blocks.


More info about uViSiA


Our design team has been developing world-class IP solutions for use in custom analog or mixed-signal ASICs


  • Oscillators
  • Clock generators
  • Linear regulators
  • Sigma Delta ADCs
  • SAR ADCs

More info about our ultra-low power ADC

  • On-chip temperature monitors
  • Analog Front-End (AFEs)

More info about our nanopower EGM/ECG readout circuit

  • Charge pumps
  • Voltage references
  • And many others…

Encryption and authentication

We provide the soft IP and required expertise to uniquely combine hardware security features and low-power in a custom ASIC solution for the needs of IoT and medical applications, or more generally serving the need of unique identifier (such as a fingerprint) in either FPGA or ASIC technologies.


Our TRNG and PUF are based on asynchronous solutions, using only standard cells (no specific cells or memories), and providing performances (bit rate generation) > 100x than classical SRAM-based solutions


  • STRNG (True Random Number Generator based on a Self-Timed Ring Oscillator)
  • STRPUF (Physically Unclonable Function based on a Self-Timed Ring Oscillator)


  • QSPI
  • SPI controller
  • I2C controller
  • UART controller