Incise was established in year 2010, by experts having 20+ years of Industry experience, Incise is a self-funded and profitable fabless Semiconductor Design house,With a strong team of 100+ expert Semiconductor, Embedded and IT resources. Team Incise past projects on turnkey & T&M mode delivery:


–Bluetooth Low Energy Micro-Controller design & Verification & Implementation

–Universal Flash Storage 2.0 VIP

–DVB-H/T Control Platform delivered as hard macro

–General Purpose 8 bit Microcontroller SOC

–Hearing aid control chip digital design and verification

–Conditional Access Processor for Set-top box applications

–2G/3G Baseband Front end chip verification

–Memory modeling , characterization and re-characterization.


Flexible Business model – for tier-1 semiconductor & Startups


Front End Design Expertise

IP Design:

  • Architecture, Specification and Micro-Architecture development in Verilog and VHDL
  • Reusable RTL Design for Low Power, Minimum Area and Maximum Speed
  • Synthesis, Timing Clean RTL, CDC, LINT, regression SOC Design
  • RTL Integration, 3rd Party IP Integration
  • ARM, ARC, 8 Bit Processors, Starcore
  • Timing constraints, Low power Clocking, Analog + Digital SOC
  • FPGA to ASIC Migration, FPGA Prototyping & Validation

Projects Delivered at Incise:

UFS 2.0 , EMMC, SD USB 3.0 Interlaken, DDR3.0, PCI Express, AHB, AXI ,MIPI, UniPro, M-PHY, ARM, Bluetooth , Wireless, DVB-H/T , Generic ARC Control Platform

IP/SOC Verification Expertise

IP Verification

  • System Verilog, UVM, OVM,TCL, PERL
  • Specman, Constrained Random TB, Formal assertion
  • Assertions, Functional Coverage, Code Coverage, Formal Verification

SOC Verification

  • C++/C/Assembly Based Verification
  • System Verilog, UVM, OVM
  • Gate Level Verification
  • System Level Verification/ FPGA Verification Coverage Driven

Projects Delivered

UFS 2.0 , EMMC, SD USB 3.0 Interlaken ,DDR3.0, PCI Express, AHB, AXI ,MIPI, UniPro, M-PHY, ARM, Bluetooth Low Energy BLE, SOC, Wireless 2G/3G SOC, DVB-H/T , Generic ARC Control Platform

Physical Implementation Expertise

Physical Design

  • Floor plan and power plan CTS, HFNS, Routing,
  • Scan Insertion and Stitching, Leakage Optimization, ECOs
  • STA Signoff using Cadence and Synopsys flows
  • Lower technology nodes such as 10nm to mature node like 180nm

Physical Verification

  • LVS ,DRC, Antenna, DFM, ERC & ESD
  • EM,IR Drop Analysis
  • TCL Based Automation


Projects Delivered

ARM Hard Platform, Bluetooth Low Energy SOC, Wireless 2G/3G SOC, DVB-H/T, Generic ARC Control Platform , Ultra Wide Band SOC

ASIC Design Expertise


  • Full Custom Memory Design
  • Memory Characterization & Re-Characterization
  • Memory Timing, Area, Power Optimization
  • SRAM, DPRAM, ROM, Register File Analog Design
  • DLL, PLL, Oscillator, Power Regulators, DC-DC Converters
  • Layout Migration

Projects Delivered

1KB to 10 MB SRAM, DPRAM, ROM Layout Migration 65nm to 28nm

Embedded System services

  • IOT Applications based on Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Android, iOS App Development
  • Embedded Applications Expertise
  • C, C++, Assembly
  • Device Drivers
  • Micro Controllers: INTEL, ARM, TI DSP, ADI DSP, PowerPC, 8051 Core
  • USB 0, Bluetooth, SPI, MIPI, RS232, RS485, I2C, PWM, DMA
  • Linux Kernel, MontaVista 2.6.10, Vanilla Linux
  • Real View ICE, TI, ADI Emulators, Microchip ICD2, Coldfire BDM Debugger, E8 Emulator, Multimedia
  • Set Top Box DVR Driver Development, BTLE Software stack development

IP Cores

Verification IP

  • Universal Flash Storage 2.0 Verification IP
  • Universal Flash Storage 2.0 Virtual Platform

Conditional Access Platform Set-top Box Control Platform

  • Processor + Cache + Memories + IPs like (USB, SPI, DMA, Timer, GPIO, Ethernet)
  • Real Complex SOC platform
  • Mapped on Xilinx – Real Life example