iNPACK (a PCB Technologies subsidiary) offers s standard and customized IC packaging and substrate design, manufacturing and testing services. Combining subtractive and mSAP processes with our extensive materials knowledge, gives us the ability to solve many challenges such as CTE mismatches, thermal management issues, and more.


iNPACK provides SiP, semiconductor packaging, organic substrates (25µm lines and 25µm spacing), 3-D, 2.5-D and 2-D packaging solutions and also incorporates innovative interconnects as part of its substrate and micro-assembly process capabilities.


Our expertise is applied in aerospace, defense, medical, electronics, automotive, energy and communications industries worldwide.


PCB Technologies is always available to discuss your project needs from initial concept to completed assemblies, with quick turnaround times you can rely on. We fully support customers throughout every stage of the process; design, production and beyond, all under one roof.


Substrate and Packaging Design

We specialize in SLP substrate technology in subtractive and mSAP process design, customized substrates with low CTE and thermal management solutions; flex rigid substrates and hybrid construction substrates. We support customer packaging design with, layout, thermal and mechanical design, materials selection and process design.

Advanced Packaging Assembly

We support both standard and special assembly processes: SMT, wire bonding, flip chip, molding, dicing, solder ball shooting and more, as well as: 3D packaging, supported by film assisted molding, embedded interposers, heat slugs and customized solutions based on our All-in-One Capabilities (PCB, Substrate, Rigid Flex, Assembly and Testing).

Substrate Manufacturing

In-house Substrate-like PCB (SLP) capabilities utilizing our PCB fabrication know-how in mSAP processes combined with conventional subtractive processes.


Working with cutting-edge materials and processes, that reach 30/30 um line/space and 75 um micro-via, with 35 um annular ring.


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Packaging Services

We support all SMT and Micro-Assembly processes, including all wire bonding processes, flip chip, die attach, ball shooting, vacuum soldering, P&P, reflow, solder printing (down to 0.5 mil stencil printing), molding processes as well as sealing lid options.

Full Turn Key

With our long history in cutting-edge design and production capabilities, many customers come to PCB Technologies for our Full Turnkey Solutions; from substrate and quality/cost effective component sourcing through to the entire assembly, QA and testing process; including all necessary logistic support.