Incorporated in 1981, iSine has been delivering semiconductor solutions to customers in consumer, industrial, medical and military/aerospace industries.


Three complementary businesses provide optimal results to customers with lower cost and higher value.  Consulting on semiconductor development, system development and FPGA design are all available as services.  The Fabless Semiconductor business includes chip design and development and adds semiconductor product delivery.  iSine delivers packaged, tested devices in our Fabless model.  And the third business is LED ballast chips – standard products for the lighting industry.  All three areas, Services, Fabless Production and Standard Products, intertwine to provide the best solutions at the lowest cost.


Fabless Semicoductor Supplier

iSine will work with the customer to understand the application and to write the specification for the chip.  At this point, iSine will define the optimal semiconductor process node to meet the design and financial goals.  A ‘turnkey development’ will follow where iSine engineers design, simulate, lays out, verifies the chip and releases it to the semiconductor fab.  iSine manages the fabrication of the semiconductor, develops custom packages (where needed), and works with the test houses to finish the chips.  Customers are delivered packaged, tested devices in production volume.

iSine has delivered to this model in consumer, industrial, medical and mil/aero industries.

Design Services – Analog & Digital ASIC design

Custom Analog and Digital ASIC design and development are provided for customers who have existing relationships with semiconductor vendors.  As part of the service offering, iSine engineers will help in the selection of the optimal semiconductor process node to meet the requirements at the lowest cost.  A specification is developed and the device is designed and delivered to the customer. Optionally, iSine can interface with the semiconductor vendor.

Design Services – FPGAs

FPGA design and development for Vision Processing and Medical applications are delivered using methodologies developed in multiple customer applications.


FPGAs are often used for early models for release to software development teams to begin system integration prior to receiving full custom ASICs from fabrication.  iSine has used this flow for multiple designs in different industries.

Design Services – IC Lifecycle Management – EOL Redesign

Customers come to iSine when their current suppliers have discontinued their production chips.  iSine has the expertise to re-design and retarget to a current semiconductor technology to deliver functional and timing equivalent devices.  iSine will then manage the IC production, packaging and test of the new devices. The team at iSine works with customers to select the process that meets their requirements (long term availability, lowest cost, etc).

IP Cores

Analog IP Cores

Band Gap References (BGR) – Accurate reference voltage sources

Current Bias Generators – Bias generators with various thermal responses

Power-On-Reset – Used to reset the circuits on power-up or power loss

Thermal Shutdown – Over-temperature sensor to shutdown critical circuits

High Speed A-B drive Op Amp – High performance high speed Op Amps

Low Power Op Amps – Op Amps with low quiescent current

Comparators – Various comparators

5-8bit IDACs – Programmable Current DAC’s with 5-8 bit resolution

8 bit VDAC – Programmable Voltage DAC’s 8 bit resolution

Linear Voltage Regulators – 1.5v, 3.3v, 5v, 9v validated in silicon

Substrate Isolated 3.3v Regulator – isolated in -6v bulk

Custom ESD – Electro Static Discharge protection for I/Os

Very High Drive +/-6v Amplifier – Amplifier used in power line communications IC

Oscillators – Gyrator-based (like RC, with higher tolerance)

Oscillators – RC based, Crystal

13 bit High Speed ADC – In TSMC 0.18m

PLLs – Multiple designs in multiple process nodes

Complete Pad Libraries – Multiple designs in multiple process nodes

SERDES – 1.5Gb in TSMC 0.13m

LED line voltage driver – High voltage tolerant (up to 600v)

CFL line voltage ballast – High voltage tolerant (up to 600v)

Speed/power based voltage regulators – used to tune performance (low power, high speed, etc)

Speed/power based voltage sensors – used with the speed/power voltage regulators

Digital IP Cores

ECC – Error Check and Correction

I2S – High speed serial bus interface

SPI – Small Processor Interface I/O