JVD Analog ASIC Semiconductors


All JVD ASICs are custom hand designed by a team of more than 30 analog IC engineers whose average experience is >35 years. We do not use analog cell libraries. Anyone who does is putting your design at risk. Do the research. Cells waste space in chip layout. They are rarely the ideal electrical solution for critical, precision analog requirements. They restrict the designer’s wafer fabrication process choices, forcing performance tradeoffs that can undermine the chip’s success.


All JVD ASICs are designed in the US and all silicon in produced by wafer fabs in the US unless specifically requested by the customer. All wafers are 100% electrically tested before packaging and again 100% tested prior to shipment.


ASICs should not carry a cost penalty over off-the-shelf standard products. Most customers qualify for a 100% rebate of all the development and tooling costs.  Customer’s volumes range from 15K/ yr to 15M/yr


Lower Your Product Costs

Off-the-shelf analog ICs are among the most expensive chips in your system (Measured either by cost per transistor or cost per unit area of silicon) Standard Product Analog IC companies are among the most profitable in the industry…and it’s your money flowing into their bonus checks.


Discover how much you can save by integrating just a few analog functions into a single JVD ASIC. Do the math yourself. You don’t need mega-volumes to save and we don’t require mega-volumes to engage. One customer brought us a board with $19 of analog components on it… we replaced it with a $2 ASIC.


What can we do for you?

Reduce the Size of your Existing Design

Some products are impossible to produce using off-the-shelf analog ICs…there just isn’t enough room. Medical applications come to mind…especially applications involving the monitoring of certain human body physical functions. Try putting several Op Amps and an A/D into a distal tip and inserting it into a vein.


Only full custom, hand crafted ASIC design can guarantee the smallest chip for the application. The Internet of Things, IoT, brings to mind another burgeoning market for the need to reduce size in order to exploit the application of billions of sensors.


Whether you’re looking for an automotive or industrial ASIC for sensor signal conditioning and calibration, let us bring your design to life in the smallest possible form factor.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Using off-the-shelf analog ICs is like broadcasting to all your competitors exactly how your product is designed and how it works.


It even lets them know approximately what it costs.  As soon as you release it, they buy one, tear it down, reverse engineer it and the product that took you a year or two to develop has an exact competitor on the market in a month or two.


Burying your critical secret sauce in a custom Analog ASIC prevents the product pirates from stealing your ideas and robbing you of your just deserved profits.

Protect Yourself from Product Obsolescence

There’s nothing worse than having your new product launch successfully into the market place and then receive notification that your analog chip supplier has decided that one of the critical components is being obsoleted because … well, they’ll make up some story, but the bottom line is that they only obsolete a product when the economics justify it… In other words, you and the other users just weren’t buying enough, so too bad for you. Now you must make that horrible decision;


1. Obsolete your product too,

2. Try to guess your lifetime needs and place a big fat order that will tie up your working capital (cash) for years, or

3.Redesign your product to use a different chip.



A reputable ASIC supplier is your partner for life. Product Obsolescence are two words you should never hear from them.

Partner with JVD for a lifetime experience of product satisfaction.

No Minimum Volume or Financial Restrictions

While economics is a driving factor in the decision to develop an ASIC, most companies will have a minimum order quantity or minimum dollar volume required to engage. Of course there are realistic extremes…no one wants to engage if you only need a few hundred units a year…But there is a giant misconception that Analog ASICs are reserved only for the “Big Boys” and that’s just not the case. Annual volumes in the 25-75K/yr range are not uncommon at JVD…nor is 15M/yr