KERR srl is an R&D company located into the NOI TechPark of Bolzano.


Core business are the ASIC service provider and advanced R&D, side business includes IP design and electronic and software custom development.


Kerr is active in Avionic, Automotive and electro-medical device developments. It can follow the DO254 DO178 and ASPICE design flow.


Through KERR expertise and partners we offer a flexible support giving to customers the big opportunity to choose in a wide range of development programs as design service, wafer production, known good dies shipment, Turnkey ASICs, non COTs services, components test & validation, PCBA service and box-building through our international partners.


Turnkey Solutions - Supply Chain Management Services

With ours international partners, we specialize in providing right-first-time complex and multi-functionality ASIC solutions.


Kerr offers a one-stop shop for semiconductor and electronic manufacturing, from specific through wafer procurement to shipment of tested finished products.


ASIC design

Prototype manufacturing and evaluation


Wafer sourcing


Burn-in, qualification, reliability

Final test

Board mounting

Box Building

Supply chain management

ASIC Definition

KERR’s ASIC solutions are tailored to specific ASIC requirements from the customer’s detailed system needs to the final mass production product.


Our partnerships and knowledge allow us to match your ASIC requirements to the best technologies in order to optimize cost, performance and quality for each individual application.


Our ASIC definition phase includes:


Translation of system needs into ASIC needs in collaboration with the customer

Validation of the concept

Feasibility and architecture definition of the ASIC

Selection of semiconductor process and package

Quality, test and manufacturability aspects


KERR helps you jumping the gap from FPGA to ASIC. Either by cloning your existing FPGA to an ASIC that respects the function and footprint of your FPGA or by moving your FPGA code to a power/area efficient ASIC. This approach can be interesting to keep certification at system level.

Destructred Turnkey Services

Scaling our support and services to your needs, from requirements in to GDSII in.


Each algorithm project presents a distinctive set of requirements and restrictions. The challenge is to define the optimal algorithmic solution for each project.

At KERR, we specialize in algorithm development across a wide range of applications.

Our algorithm experts hold an extensive experience, unique knowledge and skilled experience.

System in Package

A system on chip (ASIC or SOC) is an integrated circuit (IC) that integrates all components of an electronic system into a single chip. This chip may contain a wide variety of functions such as digital, analog, mixed-signal, and radio frequency.

A smart solution to optimize costs, reliability and time to market is the System-in-package (SiP, or multi-chip module). It is the perfect solution for size-sensitive applications.