MagnaChip have a long history of specialized process technology development and have a number of distinctive process implementations. Our process technologies include standard CMOS, high voltage CMOS, ultra-low leakage high voltage CMOS and BCDMOS. Our manufacturing processes incorporate embedded memory solutions such as static random access memory, or SRAM, one-time programmable or OTP, memory, multiple-time programmable, or MTP, memory and EEPROM. More broadly, we focus extensively on processes that reduce die size across all of the products we manufacture, in order to deliver cost-effective solutions to our customers. Expertise in high voltage and deep trench BCDMOS process technologies, low power analog and mixed-signal design capabilities are key requirements in the power management market.


Mixed-signal process


Mixed-signal process technology is used in devices that require conversion of light and sound into electrical signals for processing and display. Our mixed-signal processes include advanced technologies such as low noise process using triple gate, which uses less power at any given performance level. MEMS process technology allows the manufacture of components that use electrical energy to generate a mechanical response. For example, MEMS devices are used in the accelerometers and gyroscopes of mobile phones.

Power process

Power process technology, such as BCD, includes high voltage capabilities as well as the ability to integrate functionality such as self-regulation, internal protection, and other intelligent features. The unique process features such as deep trench isolation are suited for chip shrink and device performance enhancement.

Non-volatile memory

Non-volatile memory, or NVM, process technology enables the integration of non-volatile memory cells that allow retention of the stored information even when power is removed from the circuit. This type of memory is typically used for long-term persistent storage.

High voltage CMOS

High voltage CMOS process technology facilitates the use of high voltage levels in conjunction with smaller transistor sizes. This process technology includes several variations, such as bipolar processes, which use transistors with qualities well suited for amplifying and switching applications, mixed mode processes, which incorporate denser, more power efficient FETs, and thick metal processes.

Design Services

Design matching with technology is one of the most important factors to reduce turn around time and get good yield. Digital (high density logic) design is easier than analog & power design because it is computerized, industry standardized, open tool and vertically divided. Analog & power design requires more designer friendly human interface because it is designer-dependent, customized, closed tool and vertically integrated. MagnaChip has specialized in designer friendly interface providing good design matching with technology. This is one of the MagnaChip’s most valued strength in analog & power technology foundry.