MegaChips LSI USA Corporation


MegaChips has been delivering high performance high quality ASICs for over 30 years, and has over 1500 successful development to production programs. Our impressive first-time-right success rate is the result of our engineering expertise, advanced tools and methodology. With access to proven IP portfolio and extensive eco system, MegaChips can support the most innovative designs.  Our advanced packaging technology assures that the design meets the form factor and environmental requirements as well as electrical performance per customer’s specifications. MegaChips offers the most advanced wafer manufacturing, assembly, and test capability to assure consistent on time delivery of high quality devices.  With a flexible business model MegaChips can support a wide range of development programs from Turnkey ASICs to COT services, where we provide wafer manufacturing, assembly, final test, and manage inventory and shipment to our customers. To sum up, MegaChips can become an extension of your development and operations teams, working closely with you for the life of the project.