Founded in 1989, NTLab is a private company and one of the largest analog/RF IC design centers in Eastern Europe. Company has 100+ design engineers and proven capacity of 10+ tapeouts yearly.

We offer IP design services and turnkey ASIC design, both supported with test PCBs and related software, to make samples testing process easy for the customer.

From IPs (PLL, ADC, Process-Voltage-Temperature sensors…) to sophisticated multi-channel alanog/RF front-end ASICs with frequencies up to 10 GHz – NTLab is considered by customers to be a reliable partner committing to true quality and ultimate chip workability.


For more information, visit: www.ntlab.com.


Turnkey ASIC Design

NTLab can design a wide range of ICs:


– by signal: digital, analog (including RF) and mixed-signal;

– by technology nodes: CMOS 28…180 nm, RF CMOS 55…180 nm, SiGe BiCMOS 130…350 nm;

– by structure: from simple devices to Systems-on-Chip;

– by application: from general-purpose ICs to ASSPs and ASICs;

– by frequencies: up to 10 GHz.


We offer full list of IC design services:

  • IC specifications development and verification on models;
  • FPGA prototyping (for digital circuits) before tape-out;
  • Technology and foundry selection;
  • IC schematic and layout design;
  • IC sampling and prototyping organization;
  • RF, analog and mixed-signal IC testing (own lab);
  • Mass production organization and support.


Our company organizes and controls all chip manufacturing stages: die production, packaging and testing, packing and delivery. The possibility of single source service is highly appreciated by our customers.


We provide full support of designed ICs by development tools (evaluation boards, software development tools, reference OS, GUI to control and setup our analog chips, etc.).

IP Blocks Design

We create the following categories of IP-Blocks: AAD (active antenna detector), ADC, BPF(bandpass filter), controllers, DAC, decoders, demodulators, digital filters, dividers, DLL, EEPROM, IFA(intermediate frequency amplifier), interfaces, LD(lock detector), LDO, LNA, LPF(low pass filter), LVDS, mixers, multiplexers, multipliers, NFC/RFID, oscillators, OTA(operational transconductance amplifier), Power-on-reset, PA(power amplifier), PFD(phase-frequency detector), PLL, QF(quadrature former), receivers, RS(reference source), sensors, USB, VCO, XTAL.

Also we have own library of nearly 400 IP-blocks – digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF.

Radioelectronic Devices Development

Being a vertically integrated design center, NTLab offers electronic modules and complete systems development (including schematics, PCB layout, software, mechanical design, user documentation, etc.) based on our own and third-party chips.


Project examples are:

  • RF communication device for medical applications
  • High-precision GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou/NavIC(IRNSS) navigation receiver modules
  • MEMS-based and FOG-based GNSS/inertial navigation systems
  • Combined GNSS/DTV receiver module for mobile applications
  • UAV autopilot and video-processing block
  • Railway tracker
  • High-accuracy angle sensors for space application based on specially designed MCU


Remote data acquisition system for water meters, based on specially designed ASIC

IP Cores

RF Transceivers

NTLab offers cost-effective, low-power solutions for short- and long-range, point-to-point and mesh networks, as well as personal area networks and more in the Internet of Things. NTLab solutions leverage about 20 years of wireless expertise and are designed to enable easier and faster development of RF applications. The NTLab portfolio supports technologies: Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Bluetooth low energy, ANT™, ZigBee® PRO, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee RF4CE, NFC/RFID, 6LoWPAN and PurePath™ Wireless audio, GPS as well as a selection of RF ICs and proprietary protocols for the Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands. NTLab provides an ecosystem of support such as development tools, technical documentation, reference designs, application samples and customer support.


NTLab offers a wide range of PLL IP cores based on fully integrated wide-band LC-VCO with low gain and fine phase noise performance. NTLab may create PLL with fully integrated loop filter with ability to use external loop filter. NTLab PLL IP cores may have the following features: built-in lock detection circuit, high reference frequency spurious rejection, adjustable value of charge pump output current, built-in ADC for measuring VCO control voltage value, digital loop gain compensation, low current consumption, low power consumption, adjustable power supply voltage high lock detector accuracy, temperature range -40…125 °С, programmable clock frequency divider, operating frequency selection using external components, built-in switched capacitor sections for VCO frequency adjustment. Possible foundries are: TSMC, UMC, Global Foundries, SMIC, iHP, AMS, Vanguard, SilTerra, X-FAB.


NTLab provide different ADCs which may have following features: resolution from 1.5 till 14bit, using different power supply for digital and for analog parts of ADC circuitry, standby mode (current consumption 5 uA), low power dissipation, differential full-scale input range, rail to rail input range for LVDS receiver, signal-to-noise ratio to 110 dB, LDO embedded, Cascade (2-2) delta-sigma ADC, build-in reference voltage source, clock frequency divider, built-in input signal level detection, sign detection, adjustment of threshold levels, ADC with programmable threshold, tunable op amps current, switchable information speed modes. Supported foundries are: TSMC, UMC, Global Foundries, SMIC, iHP, Vanguard, SilTerra, X-FAB.

Process, Voltage and Temperature Sensors (PVT sensor/detector/controller)

NTLab provide different PVT sensors which may have following features: high accuracy temperature and voltage measurements, operating temperature range -40 …+125 ºС, process detector for all-voltage threshold MOS transistors, built-in 10 bit R-2R DAC, low current consumption, up to 8 remote temperature/voltage sensors, independent reference voltage source. All our PVT sensors have very compact die area. Supported foundries are: TSMC, UMC, Global Foundries, AMS, SMIC, iHP, SilTerra, Vanguard.

RFID (UHF tag, ID card, NFC, medical implants)

NTLab provides HF (13MHz) and UHF (900 MHz) RFID solutions for the following applications:


– EPC-Global compatible tags;

– banking and ID cards with wireless interface;

– NFC reader and NFC tag with peer-2-peer support;

– implantable neurostimulators, based on RFID technologies. This is a field-powered (radio-wave power supply, no battery needed inside human body), miniature chip with coil antenna, can be implanted through a needle without a surgery. Typical applications are tibial nerve stimulation, PNS system stimulation, spinal cord stimulation, vagal nerve stimulation, and even brain blood circulation stimulation to treat after-stroke conditions.


Key features are:

– highly-effective power conversion from RF field to electrical;

– operating temperature -40…+65 °C;

– fully passive operation – no battery needed (except NFC reader);

– EPC Class 1 Generation 2 v2 compliance;

– 256 bits to few Kbits EEPROM memory size;

– embedded crypto co-processors to protect data.

Energy harvesting (power converters from RF-field to voltage and current)

If you want a truly battery-less sensor (voltage, temperature, humidity etc.) readable distantly with standard UHF reared – we can provide this solution. Our RF receiver-and-amplifier IP will power your chip.