Sankalp Semiconductor


Sankalp Semiconductor offers an integrated portfolio of services and solutions to its customers in key semiconductor domains including digital, analog & mixed signal, high-speed physical interface IP, Embedded Memory Compiler & IOs, PDK development and EDA modelling. Sankalp Semiconductor is a preferred semiconductor design service partners to multiple Fortune 500 companies in the Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial IoT and Medical electronics space. The company enables its customers achieve their time-to-market window by delivering first pass silicon designs and engage with product engineering teams across the globe to design System-on-Chip. Sankalp Semiconductor is based in Sunnyvale, California, with multiple development and services centers in India, Canada and Germany.


ASIC/FPGA Services

Sankalp’s ASIC/FPGA capabilities provide end-to-end services for silicon realization. We offer our customer the ability to engage at any stage of the semiconductor design process from ASIC/FPGA design, verification, synthesis, STA, DFT, physical design to all the way to post silicon validation. The end-to-end services enable customers to target new designs, built low cost variant or enhance features.

Analog & Mixed Signal Services

Sankalp Semiconductor has extensive analog and mixed signal experinece. The team has exposure on various technology nodes  and fabs. We enable customer build power management blocks, data convertors, clock system design, high speed IOs and provide modeling solutions.

Custom Layout Services

Sankalp offers customers with custom layout solutions from start to hand-off. The team have executed multiple projects in the Analog Baseband, Power Management, HPA/RF, IO & High Speed Serdes designs. We bring a unique advantage of porting and migrating platforms across technologies and foundries.

Technology Foundation Services

Sankalp offers technology foundation services that encompass standard cell library development and porting, IO library development and memory design and compiler services.

IP Choice

Sankalp Semiconductor provides a comprehensive set of semiconductor IPs, IP leveraged services and solutions through its proven IP Choice program. With growing complexity and variety of IPs required in today’s SoCs, we innovatively collaborate, develop and provide semiconductor solutions to customers to meet their requirements.


Sankalp Semiconductor offers 4 unique models with IP ChoiceTM – License, Customize, Create and Maintain for customers to engage and benefit from quick turnaround time while maximizing the IP reuse model.

IP Cores

GPIOs Libraries

Sankalp’s GPIO come with comprehensive list of deliverables that allow customers rapid and reliable integration of IO is the design flow.


High-speed Interface IP Portfolio

Sankalp offers high-speed interface IPs that come with comprehensive list of deliverables that allow customers rapid and reliable integration of IPs is the design flow.