SCALINX is a fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Paris with a solid experience in design of Signal Conversion ASICs for Test & Measurement, Defense & Aerospace and Communications applications.
We help our customers to reduce the cost and shorten the development time with our Smart Conversion Platform based on proprietary SCCORETMtechnology (Smart Conversion CORE). The SCCORETM technology is incorporating one to four-channel CT ΔΣ AD signal converter, 10 – 16 bit resolution, upto 5 GSPS sampling speed and analog bandwidth from 5 MHz to 600 MHz.


The SCCORETM technology enables alias-free data conversion solutions where signal filtering and resolution trade-offs are carried out in programmable digital circuitry. The flexibility and programmability ingredients of the SCCORETM technology combined with our Signal Conversion IP blocks are key for complex ASIC projects. The  ASIC developments are supported by our two design centers, Paris and Caen respectively.