Si-Ware Systems


Si-Ware Systems (SWS) does custom ASIC development and supply specializing in analog/mixed-signal and RF design. SWS’s expertise is in taking complex systems and developing the most technically efficient and cost effective solutions in silicon. Focus areas of expertise for ASICs include sensor interfaces and MEMS, wireless, timing, and power management. SWS has built a silicon proven IP repository currently being utilized in ASICs/ASSPs shipping in volume. SWS’ silicon proven IP spans different technologies from world class mainstream foundries including GLOBALFOUNDRIES, TSMC, UMC, AMS, ON Semiconductor and SilTerra on technology nodes from 0.35 micron down to 90nm. SWS’ silicon proven IP repository and reuse methodology plays a vital role in minimizing time, cost and risk of developing new custom ASICs by allowing our designers to focus more on the system level definition, analysis, validation and trade-offs optimization.


Turnkey ASIC Provider

SWS is a total solutions provider and our capabilities span all phases of turning ideas into commercial products and systems into silicon.


Proof of Concept

  • PCB design utilizing off the shelf components or current SWS ASICs
  • Software for automated characterization and evaluation
  • System-level mixed-signal modeling and simulation


Product Definition

  • Specifications feasibility
  • ASIC features definition
  • Technology selection
  • Power and area budgeting
  • Packaging solution


ASIC Development

  • Sub-blocks implementation and optimization
  • IP re-use and migration
  • PVT analysis
  • Top level definition, implementation, and verification



  • Wafer manufacturing
  • Characterization and sample preparation
  • Reliability qualification
  • Production flow and testing development and management

Analog/Mixed-Signal & RF Expertise

Sensors & MEMS

Capacitive, resistive and quartz sensor interfaces and signal processing


Wireless & RF

RF transceivers for standard and proprietary ISM band wireless communication



Frequency synthesizers, MEMS/Xtal oscillators and clock generation


Power Management

High efficiency switching and linear regulators and battery interface

Sensors & MEMS

SWS is a Leader in ASICs for MEMS with extensive experience in interfacing with MEMS devices from sensors, to resonators, to optical MEMS. SWS has developed best in class ASICs for MEMS devices.

In addition, SWS has unique configurable ASICs and development platforms for MEMS inertial sensors.


SWS has developed a unique ASIC for inertial sensors. The SWS1110 is a configurable ASIC in which its front-end parameters can be adjusted to work with various gyros and accelerometers. The front-end parameters can be adjusted for:

  • Different drive frequencies
  • Different sensitivities
  • Different capacitance ranges
  • Different loop configurations (OL or CL)


SWS has combined the SWS1110 configurable inertial sensing ASIC with additional hardware and software to create an inertial sensor development platform, the SWS61111. The SWS61111 allows a user to configure the SWS1110 ASIC to a specific inertial sensor by adjusting the front-end parameters and then do evaluation and characterization of the inertial sensor measuring:

  • Resonance frequencies
  • Existing parasitic modes
  • Quality factor

Design Methodology

SWS’s ASIC development flow is heavily based on behavioral modeling

  • Fast time-to-market without sacrificing performance and/or efficiency optimization
  • Unique and comprehensive verification methodology ensuring 1st silicon functionality and performance success

IP Cores


  • High efficiency power amplifiers for 2.4GHz ISM band transceivers
  • Offset leakage immune low-IF I/Q demodulators
  • High resolution phase modulators for 2.4GHz transmitters
  • I/Q output low phase-noise phase-locked loops at 2.5 /5 GHz
  • Received signal strength indicator (RSSI)
  • Ultra low power RFID tag energy detector and AM demodulator
  • Frequency synthesizers for 802.11n and other 2.4GHz ISM-band transceivers

High Voltage DC-DC Converters

  • For MEMS biasing and high voltage excitation
  • DC voltage multiplication from 2x to 4x
  • Supports large load currents
  • Low noise and spurs for high-end applications

Analog Frontends

  • State of the art multi-channel ultra low noise
  • Low power continuous time AFEs
  • Ultra low power resistor bridge pick-off front end
  • Proprietary noise coupling cancellation techniques
  • Low frequency noise cancellation

System Level / Digital IP

  • Electro-mechanical force feedback loops for gyros and accelerometers
  • Electro-mechanical oscillator loops for MEMS oscillators and gyro drive modes
  • DSP filters, decimators, interpolators
  • Multi-segment/multi-order temperature compensation
  • Multiple supply domains support for power optimization
  • Dynamic offset cancellation
  • OTP/MTP controllers for calibration and trimming
  • System power saving features: self-sleep, self-wake, intermittent operation, FIFO RAM
  • MSP430 MCU core
  • CORDIC algorithm for phase detection and tracking
  • Communication: SPI, I2C, UART, proprietary single-wire

Power Management

  • High efficiency energy harvesting rectifiers with MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
  • High efficiency buck/boost DC-DC converters for power hungry (up to 10W) battery powered applications
  • Ultra low noise / high PSRR biasing for high end applications
  • Ultra low power biasing and power management circuitry for < 1µA sleep mode current

Data Converters

  • Wide range of SAR , ∆-Sigma and pipelined
  • Low power / compact area SAR ADCs
  • Up to 24-bit ∆-Sigma ADCs
  • High-speed pipeline ADCs