Trilinear Technologies


Founded in 2006 in Oregon’s Silicon Forest, Trilinear Technologies is a premier supplier of high-quality digital processing technology for the video and display markets including DisplayPort, HDMI and DSC solutions. Trilinear excels at developing complex solutions where feature integration and innovation is a premium while maintaining standards compliance and device interoperability.  Our highly experienced engineering team provides complete system solutions including PHY integration services and production ready software stacks.


Trilinear Technologies has been a recognized leader in DisplayPort interface technologies since 2008.  Trilinear’s cores enable today’s highest performing consumer, professional and automotive products. Our Intellectual Property portfolio includes DisplayPort compliant Transmitters, Receivers and Repeaters integrating eDP, HDCP, MST, FEC and audio processing capabilities.


In 2018, Trilinear introduced our Display Stream Compression (DSC) encoder and decoder cores to provide compressed data services over both DisplayPort and HDMI.  We continue to develop advanced technologies enabling our customers to be at the leading edge of display technologies.