TSI Semiconductors


TSI Semiconductors Corp. is a world-class semiconductor technology development and production volume CMOS foundry company who is the ideal partner for a wide range of IC projects. Located in close proximity to our customers’ design and engineering teams, we are driving innovation closer to the heart of Silicon Valley.


We empower our customers’ device manufacturing by providing unprecedented on-site access to our fab floor and equipment. And, with our flexible technology development, customers accelerate learning cycles that get their products to market faster through greater control and protection of their technology and IP.


At our 8-inch Roseville, California site, we provide an array of versatile process technologies that include analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, high-voltage BCDMOS, and solutions such as novel materials structures and devices. Specialized foundry services include automotive-grade, high-voltage BCDMOS, and technology capabilities utilizing novel materials, structures and devices.


Semiconductor Wafer Foundry Services

Our process technologies include a full range of Logic CMOS, including high voltage and ultra high voltage nodes. Our 0.18-micron Process Platform is highly efficient and flexible, producing the most reliable silicon chips. Our low voltage process features single and dual gate oxides for 1.8 volt (core) (3.5nm gate oxide), 5 volt (I/O) (12nm gate oxide) and 1.8/5 volt combined (Dual gate oxide 3.5nm & 12.0nm). Add extra masks for high voltage N-well and high voltage P-well electrical isolation. Our analog/mixed-signal/RF process supports a 4-micron thick analog backend metal and both single and dual level MIM capacitors for a wide variety of low power or high speed SoCs.

Custom Silicon Solutions (Technology Development & Commercialization Services)

TSI Development & Commercialization Services offers a toolbox of proven process modules and process techniques. These modules can be combined and integrated to deliver unique, differentiating functionality to novel technologies.

Custom Foundry Technology Ports

TSI Semiconductor foundry is able to manufacture with a large array of versatile processes for standard and specialty technologies, including analog/mixed-signal, deep-submicron, high-voltage BCDMOS, and solutions such as novel materials structures and devices. Our foundry is unique in its arrangements with customers to allow them to work side by side with our engineers in our foundry, maintaining the highest levels of IP security while benefiting from on-site collaboration. Our flexible approach to development and manufacturing allows customers to develop with a broader range of materials than other foundries.

IP Cores

0.18um Design IP

Silicon proven designs for immediate customer use:

  • ADC Pipeline, 12-bit, 125MS/s
  • ADC SAR, 10-bit, 2MS/s
  • Voltage Regulator, 1.8V, ESR of 0.1 to 10 ohms