What makes TSMC sucessful?

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    Dear all members of this forum,

    Maybe it’s a big question, but what in your opinion makes TSMC so successful? there is such a huge gap between TSMC and the other fabs….

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    Hi Marius,

    I believe it’s a combination of things:
    1. TSMC were one of the first independent foundries in the world, and they were back up by the government at the beginning.
    2. Quality.
    3. Professionalism.
    4. Responsiveness both in the fabs and in the sales and support offices.
    5. Delivery on time or even before.
    6. Broad range of CMOS processes.

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    1. They can be trusted. They do what they say, the say what they do
    2. Yields and therefore reliability and competitive cost of ownership
    3. Strongest investments in the industry and therefore process node leadership and capacity

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    all the above + I believe it’s because they have the most comperahansive IP eco system

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