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Trilinear Technologies


Trilinear Technologies provides highly complex digital Intellectual Property cores for a broad range of video and display applications.

IP Cores

DisplayPort 1.4a Transmitter, DisplayPort 1.4a Receiver, Display Stream Compression (DSC 1.2a) Encoder, Display Stream Compression (DSC 1.2a) Decoder

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NGCircuits Ltd. Is an Analog Mixed-Signal design house offering A to Z product supply, IPs and spec. to GDS services.


A to Z ASIC design services, Custom and Standard IP development

IP Cores

HDMI2.1/DisplayPort1.4/eDP1.4 TX Combo-PHY, HDMI2.1/DisplayPort1.4/eDP1.4 RX Combo-PHY, USB4.0/DisplayPort2.0 Combo-PHY

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