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Aptasic offers turnkey solutions to efficiently handle the ASIC supply chain (from wafer supply to good packaged ICs delivery). The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified (SQS) since 2006.


Consulting, Electrical Test Implementation, Screening and Qualification, Industrialization, Wafer Supply, Manufacturing

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SeviTech Systems


SeviTech Systems provides full-chip design services, VIP solutions & unique software toolkits for fast and efficient implementation of complex ASIC, SoC & FPGAs for its global customers.


SoC Verification, IP Level Verification, FPGA Prototyping, ASIC Implementation

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ATS Engineering


ATS Engineering provides an all-around solutions to meet the wide range of customer Test and Qualification requirements.


Testing, Qualification & Reliability , Failure Analysis , mmWave Automotive / 5G Device Testing – Up to 81 GHz

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Design Сenter KM211 is a contract IC developer and processor architecture developer in Russia. KM211 is TSMC VCA for Russia. While developing processors and IP, we dedicate most of our efforts on providing Design Services for companies across the world.

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Linear MicroSystems


Linear MicroSystems, Inc. offers leading RF, analog and mixed-signal ASICs/SOCs with extensive IP and in-house high volume production.

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