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Test and Verification Solutions


T&VS provides specialist software test and hardware verification solutions to help clients ensure their products are reliable, safe and secure.


Hardware Verification, Software Testing, Security, Safety, Training

IP Cores

Verification IP, ARM-based VIP, Hi-Speed VIP, MIPI VIP, Memory and Storage VIP, Universal Serial IO VIP

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Tamba Networks


Developer of Low-Latency Ethernet and Interlaken semiconductor IP solutions for ASIC, ASSP, and FPGA.

IP Cores

1G to 1,000Gbps Interlaken IP cores, 1G to 400Gbps Ethernet IP Cores, Low latency Ethernet for Financial Markets

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Packet Architects

Packet Architects develops Switching and Routing IPs for Ethernet, IPv4/IPv6 and other packet processing technologies.

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Technology leader in compression and cryptography, intoPIX delivers cost-effective silicon IP-cores answering specific and advanced AV applications.

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Leader in ultra low power analogue and mixed signal ASIC design and IP licensing, including RF, image sensor and SOC.


ASIC and SOC design, Silicon IP licensing, Ultra low-power 2.4 GHz transceiver for Bluetooth Smart & IoT, Ultra low-power icyflex® processors

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