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CoreTest Technologies


CoreTest Technologies provides a wide array of semiconductor test equipment from sockets to ATE

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Experior is dedicated to semiconductor testing. We provide one stop services in test design, development, validation and high volume testing.


Test Design & Development, Probe Card & Loadboard Design and Fabrication, Socket & Pin Solutions, High Volume/Low Mix or High Mix/Low Volume Testing, Backend AOI, Bake & Pack Services, IR4.0 Smart System Automation

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Verification IP : Changing landscape

For decades, EDA industry has been working out options to improve their offerings and ensure silicon success for the semiconductor industry. A few decades back, while the EDA giants were unknown, design automation was exercised individually in every organization developing a product. Gradually these tools moved out of the design ...

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Andon Electronics


Pioneer in the design and manufacture of innovative precision sockets used to test ICs and place them onto PC boards.

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Abrel Products


Abrel design and manufacture products for the reliability testing of semiconductor components.


Burn-in Boards, Hast Boards

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The Economics of ASIC

  Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and SoCs play a critical role in modern technological advancements. These customized integrated circuits are designed to cater to specific applications, offering optimized performance, power efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Understanding the economics behind ASICs is essential for businesses and industries that rely on these chips. This article ...

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My Golden Rule for Chip Production Testing

Chip production testing is probably the most underestimated task by ASIC development engineers. And yet, testing is an essential step with a direct impact on final chip cost.   Let’s start with the basics. Testing of chips is necessary because the chip manufacturing process cannot provide 100% yield. Silicon foundries and assembly ...

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ATS Engineering and ChipTest Announce Strategic Collaboration for Test Program Development for Advantest’s customers

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 24, 2022 - ATS Engineering, a leading Israeli test house, and ChipTest Semiconductor IC Test Company, have announced an exclusive collaboration agreement for developing test programs and test interfaces (load boards and probe cards) on the ATS’ Advantest V93000 Smart Scale platform, to support ATS ...

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Introduction to HTOL

HTOL (High Temperature Operating Life) is a stress test defined by JEDEC to define the reliability of IC products, and is an essential part of chip qualification tests. This post provides a high-level overview of HTOL. Obviously, you should refer to the standard if you plan to perform HTOL testing.   To ...

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ASIC design for the IoT

As everybody is trying to figure out what the Internet of Things (IoT) will look like and how connected things will work, I'd like to address a question that many people have: why design your own Integrated Circuit (IC) rather than just use an off-the-shelf processor, write software and be done?   In a nutshell, because ...

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