DAC IP core

Find here a list of companies providing DAC IP cores, Digital to Analog IP cores and D2A IP cores.

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Omni Design Technologies


High-performance, ultra-low power IP in advanced nodes for 5G, wireline/optical communications, LiDAR, Radar, automotive networking, AI, image sensors, and IoT.

IP Cores

Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Temperature, Voltage, and Process Monitors, Ultra-Low-Power IoT IP

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NGCircuits Ltd. Is an Analog Mixed-Signal design house offering A to Z product supply, IPs and spec. to GDS services.


A to Z ASIC design services, Custom and Standard IP development

IP Cores

HDMI2.1/DisplayPort1.4/eDP1.4 TX Combo-PHY, HDMI2.1/DisplayPort1.4/eDP1.4 RX Combo-PHY, USB4.0/DisplayPort2.0 Combo-PHY

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Vervesemi is developing high performance Analog IPs and ASICs for sensors and wireless applications, exploiting the expertise of state-of-the-art data converters and differentiated Analog.

IP Cores

GHz ADC and DAC for 5G, Radar applications, 24b ADC and AFE for sensor, medical, Industrial process control, seismic & metering business, 12b 16b ADC, AFE for embedded microcontroller, precision motor control applications, Mic Bias, 18b Audio ADC and 24b Audio DAC for audio and ANC applications, ADC and DAC for WIFI, Bluetooth, DOSCIS, STB applications, Precision reference, RC oscillator, crystal oscillator, charge pump, LDO, Temperature sensor, Bandgap, power on reset, Charge pump, Programmable gain amplifier, High valued ICs

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