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PREMA Semiconductor


PREMA Semiconductor is specialized in analog and mixed signal ASICs, offering full service from circuit design, IC layout, prototype and volume wafer production to final IC test.

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Ingenazure is a full custom mixed signal IC design house specializing in power management and audio.

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RFIC Solutions

We provide state of the art solutions for IPD millimeter-wave Transceiver IC's using 65nm CMOS and 0.15nm GaAs process.

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Aivaka is a fabless semiconductor company focused on providing power management design services (DC/DC and linear) voltage converters and regulators, and an array of electronic devices operating from batteries for IoT (or IoE) world and more.

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Tusk IC


Tusk IC is a fabless millimeter wave IC design company, providing design services from 10GHz-600GHz in Silicon technologies.


mmWave ASIC design services, ASIC prototype characterization, mmWave markets

IP Cores

60GHz Power Amplifier, 100+GHz transceivers for Gbps communication links, THz transmitter

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