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Gold Technologies, Inc. (Goldtec) was founded in June of 1998 with main focus of designing and manufacturing test sockets.  After several years of purchasing pogo pins at a high price without high quality, Goldtec decided to make its own pogo pins.  Goldtec now offers a large variation of spring probe pogo pins with pitches as small as 0.4mm.  With 18 years of Engineering and Manufacturing experience, Goldtec is a well known supplier in the high-performance and burn-in test sockets, spring probe pogo pins, and custom connectors.  Goldtec also has custom thermocouple fixture and thermal chamber solutions.  All are made in the USA.  Just ask and Goldtec will deliver!


Test Sockets

Gold Technologies, Inc. (Goldtec) produces the P, S and D series test sockets.


Pogo Pins

Proprietary Plating, Tip Geometry & Manufacturing Process Specialized alloy has very low affinity to Pb, Sn, Pd, Au, Si & Ni lead finishes combined with extreme hardness (>800 KHn) to handle the full range of contacting needs with very long lifespan and less frequent cleaning

Proprietary Plating, Manufacturing Process & Spring Selection MethodologyUnique (patent pending) process that results in absolutely uniform cross section, combined with precisely controlled 100 micro inches (2.5 µm) Au plating and time tested spring force selection algorithm results in ideal balance of CRES, L and longevity. Goldprobes™are the most consistent, longest lasting probes in use today.


Radius Point tip for very low PCB pad wear and low parasitic losses.


Goldtec Spring Probes

Custom Connectors

We Can Design & Build What You Need! From Design & Prototype to Validation. High Volume and Competitive Pricing for Custom Connectors vs. “Off the shelf” Get exactly what you need, at the right price.


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