The 2 Easiest Ways to Find IP Cores

January 18, 2016, anysilicon

IP cores availability and quality have become a critical factor to any SoC design success. Engineers have to find and qualify different IP cores quickly and effectively to help boost time to market and reduce the need of unnecessary re-spins.  Moreover, with today’s aggressive time to market demands and the ever increasing cost of maskset – companies will buy more IP cores and hence spend more time of finding, evaluating and managing IP cores instead of developing IP cores internally.


According to the market research done by Semico Group the average number IP cores required for a typical SoC design in 2016 is 175(!). This means that in average 175 IP cores are integrated in a typical SoC design in 2016 and this number is set to increase to 200 IP cores in 2018.


By acknowledging this fact and considering the amount of time that needs to spend on finding IP cores, AnySilicon is offering 2 easy ways to find IP cores,  AnySilicon is here to help with finding IP cores by 2 simple ways:


Option 1: Send your IP list to AnySilicon (estimated time: 2 min)


Step 1: Go to “Get 3 Quotes from” menu and select “IP Vendors”


Get 3 quotes


Step 2: Fill in the form with your IP cores requirements. AnySilicon staff will do the research for you (anonymously if you choose “hide my email”) and will get back to you with results within a short period.


get 3 quotes1


Option 2: Search AnySilicon IP Core Directory  (estimated time: 10 min)


Step 1: Use the search tool on AnySilicon site using specific keywords such as PLL.


search IPs


Step 2: The search tool will show you relevant results of different IP core vendors, this will allow you to browse the list and then go directly to each vendor’s profile page to learn more about the IP core availability.


PLL search


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