Advantest – Company Overview

June 07, 2016, anysilicon

One of the leading manufacturers of automatic test equipment, Advantest has proven to be one of the leading lights in the semiconductor industry. In addition, they manufacture measuring instruments that are used in the creation of electronic system. You can find Advantest products used in the creation of digital consumer products, fiber optic, and wireless communication industries.


Based in Tokyo, Advantest is one of the leading producers of RF, Memory, and SoC test systems. The company itself has enjoyed considerable success over the years, although recently it has struggled in some areas to stay ahead of the competition.


Advantest History


Founded in 1954 as Takeda Riken Industry Co., Ltd., the company began its existence as a manufacturer of electronic measuring equipment. By 1972, the company expanded its services into testing semiconductors and a decade later was traded publicly on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. By 1985, the company had changed its name to Advantest Corporation and by the turn of the 21st century had begun being traded on the New York Stock Exchange.


The success of its semiconductor testing business led to its establishment in the US of Advantest America in 1982. It began operations in Europe just a year later where it also enjoyed considerable success. Eventually, that success combined with the acquisition of Verigy led the company to expand into 13 countries and over 4,500 employees around the world.


One of the major triumphs for Advantest was becoming a founding member of the Semiconductor Test Consortium (STC) in 2002, which was focused on developing flexible, highly scalable test platforms in order to reduce the cost of SoCs, advanced ICs and complex technologies which included 300mm wafers, copper interconnects, and so forth.


Advantest Today


Today, the company has three major focal points, mechatronics, component test systems, and semiconductor testing in addition to its support services and the like.


The company specializes in automatic test equipment that verifies the functioning of semiconductors both during and after the manufacturing process. Advantest offers the only source of automatic test equipment that creates complete test solutions in this particular industry. This includes the following functions;


–       Test Handlers

–       Test Systems

–       Device Interfaces

–       Software


SoC and memory devices can use the test systems developed by Advantest. The test handlers both load and unload the mass produced chips for the test systems as well as sorts the products as well. In addition, Advantest equipment can be used to test systems created by other companies and can easily be integrated into existing test equipment.


The next generation of fiber optic networks and wireless systems use electronic measuring instruments and Advantest is considered one of the leaders in the industry. At the turn of the 21st century, Advantest introduced new architecture in measuring systems called the Wizard of Module Test (WMT) which allows customers to add to or modify the functions of their systems all for a lower cost. This makes it possible for multiple measuring functions to be controlled from a single software package. It’s little wonder that Advantest is considered one of the leaders in its industry thanks to its focus on user-friendly, cost-saving solutions for a multitude of businesses.




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