ATS Engineering and ChipTest Announce Strategic Collaboration for Test Program Development for Advantest’s customers

Tel Aviv, Israel – March 24, 2022 – ATS Engineering, a leading Israeli test house, and ChipTest Semiconductor IC Test Company, have announced an exclusive collaboration agreement for developing test programs and test interfaces (load boards and probe cards) on the ATS’ Advantest V93000 Smart Scale platform, to support ATS customers.


The collaboration will enable ATS to offer local customers high-end support, with unlimited access to expert engineering personnel, at competitive prices, using the advanced engineering infrastructure in ATS laboratories.


This solution will help alleviate the bottleneck created by the entry of global companies into the local component market and the increasing shortage of semiconductor experts in Israel.


The service portfolio offered to local customers will include a variety of features:


  • New product development
  • Wafer sort and final test multi-site testing
  • Datasheet review and test plan derivation
  • Vector conversion
  • ATE test program development and debug
  • Hardware development for final test and wafer sort solutions
  • Vertical spiders build and stiffeners
  • Product characterization across temperature and splits
  • Correlation and qualification activities including ESD/LU/HTOL
  • Engineering to production phase integration & post manufacturing support
  • Test program conversion


“We are proud to launch this collaboration, which will provide local customers with unlimited access to skilled engineering personnel at competitive prices,” said Avi Tiv, CEO, ATS Engineering. “It will fully address the needs of Israeli customers, significantly accelerating the delivery of components to end customers”.


“We believe this collaboration will be highly strategic for us, and regard it as the first milestone in the process of building a diverse service portfolio to support customers in Israel,” said Mr Sankara Subramanian, ChipTest CEO.



About ATS Engineering


ATS Engineering Ltd. provides an all-around solution to meet the wide range of customer test specifications and requirements. The ATS Engineering facility works with OEMs at all stages – design, development and testing – to qualify electronic devices for end use in industrial sectors, including Semiconductor, Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Communication, Electronic and other specialized and advanced Industries.


ATS Engineering features expertise in the development of test solutions for component characterization and production, as well as state-of-the-art ESD, reliability and failure analysis capabilities. This combination of knowledge produces a competitive advantage for our customers in optimizing end-product performance and accelerating time to market.

ATS offers turnkey solutions from customer tape-out to delivery of finished goods to the end customer.




About ChipTest


ChipTest Engineering is a Semiconductor IC Test Company, established in 2005, with 30 years of test engineering business experience. Operating from India, Singapore & Malaysia. ChipTest serves various segments of Semiconductor Companies worldwide including IDMs, Fabless, Design, Start-up, ATE and Subcons. ChipTest services include cost effective offshore & onsite test engineering support in new product development, hardware load board / probe cards / sockets development, platform conversion, test program optimization, productization, production and resource augmentation areas. ChipTest has vast expertise and skillsets to handle high end SoC, ASIC, PMIC, digital & analog products in various automated test platforms viz Advantest 93K/T2K, Teradyne ETS800/364/88/Flex, and more.




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