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Efficient Verification and Virtual Prototyping of Analog and Mixed-Signal IP and SOCs Using Behavioral Models

November 12, 2014, anysilicon

This paper describes the use of behavioral models and mixed-signal simulation as a means to verify the proper instantiation, connectivity and control of analog and mixed-signal (AMS) intellectual property (IP), and also as a means to prototype an AMS integrated circuit (IC) or system-on-chip (SOC) using behavioral models in place

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Electronic Design: Getting to First Time Right

October 22, 2014, anysilicon

This is a guest post from Michael Hermann, V.P. of Engineering at Nuvation Engineering, provider of complex electronic product development and design services.
Getting to “first time right” is a key goal at Nuvation Engineering and is built into our electronic design methodology. Broadly speaking, it means two things: First,

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ASIC Prototyping – Should you purchase Boards or DIY?

May 21, 2013, anysilicon

ASIC board

With the increased complexity of SoC designs, high tapeout prices and shrinking time-to-market, ASIC Prototyping has become a key step in ASIC projects. FPGA development boards are being used more often to verify ASIC design, test hardware and software integration, and provide a proof of concept demonstration to potential customers

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