CEO Talk: Racheli Ganot, Founder and CEO, Ready Group

This interview was held with Racheli Ganot, Founder and CEO of Ready Group (formerly Rachip).



Tell me about Ready?


Ready Group (formerly Rachip) is an R&D 360 Firm, experts in end-to-end chip development, SW and HW for the semiconductor and high-tech industries. Ready Group teams have been involved in hundreds of tape-outs in recent years, capable of delivering a chip, from architecture and design to full manufacturing.


In addition to our ASIC/FPGA Design and Verification expertise, we employ 200 R&D experts with vast experience in Backend, ESL SystemC and Validation, Firmware, Embedded SW, Web/Mobile apps, and QA and Automation. The company has worked on a wide range of projects across telecommunication, data storage, military and aviation, medical, and automotive sectors.  


Over the last 15 years, the company has been working closely with multinational corporations, startups, and Israeli Unicorns. With four M&As, we strengthened our SW capabilities.


The company has a strong social agenda of diversity, 70% of our employees are women engineers from the religious, ultra-orthodox community in Israel. From the industry’s perspective, Ready Group gains access to highly skilled engineers who are very dedicated for significant long-term, delivering excellent products. We have an extremely high retention level of our employees as well as high-level customer loyalty.


When did you start Ready? What were you doing before that?


After I pursued my BSc, I worked in the semiconductor industry for several years at Mindspeed, Verisity, Flexlight and Infineon, specializing in Firmware, chip development and verification. In 2006, while working as a manager, I just realized how difficult it was to recruit skilled chip developers for R&D. Israel has been known as The Startup Nation, home to thousands of startups, multinationals, and defense companies. There is always a shortage of engineers. So, in 2007, I founded my company. When I started, I identified two clear needs: the need for technical expert employees for the high-tech and semiconductors industry as well as the need of having better employment opportunities for the sector of ultra-orthodox women in Israeli society that is in line with their way of life. We create a win-win solution for the industry and for the community.


What problem did you see that needed to be fixed? What is your approach to solving that?


The need for smarter and more sophisticated R&D in a dynamic world with continuous changes in requirements at an accelerated pace that multiplies itself non-stop had to be addressed.


The ​​R&D 360 methodology is a multidimensional concept in leading researchers, development employees, and technological experts. The method improves the products and the throughput of the R&D, which leads to better serviceability and higher quality for the customers and versatile professionalism for the employees.


The cornerstones are the professional talents accompanied by a series of values, principles, processes, practices, and tools that together produce mutual value for customers, employees, and the organization.


The methodology combines circular processes in which talent, knowledge and professional experience are the focus.


How has the role/offering of Ready Group changed during the recent years?


A transformation from semiconductor R&D services to R&D 360-consisting of many specializations including in the SW world. Our vision is to offer our customers ONE STOP SHOP R&D solutions under one roof.


Did any of the market consolidation (or acquisition) affect your business and how?


Our company began in the field of chips development, and over the years we expanded to include software and provide a full end-to-end solution for our customers. To strengthen our capabilities in the software area, we have acquired 4 boutique software companies with different specializations in the last 5 years.


What is a typical customer for YOUR COMPANY?


Any technology-based company of any size: high-tech, or specific industry such as a defense company, as well as the company with no development workforce. Basically, any company that needs software and/or hardware development. We provide R&D 360 – Software and Hardware all in one place with a wide range of expertise for various industries.


Customers partner with us in flexible models of managed teams, turnkey projects, and outsourcing.  We work with our customers in getting their products to the market on time, at a high quality and within their budget.


Are you currently hiring? What type of jobs?


Ready group is currently recruiting dozens of talented professionals at different levels of seniority for a variety of positions in hardware and software development. For example: Chip design and Verification engineers, DFT, Validation, Embedded, Automation, Full Stack.


 What is the best moment in your day?


In the evening, when I close a busy day, sit with my family, and exchange the happenings of the day.


How do you keep yourself energized and engaged during the day?


My drive is to try to excel and continuously see improvements. Whenever possible, I focus on things that will have the significant meaning, greatest value, and impact and will promote achieving the company’s goals. Every day, I learn new things, keep up to date by reading or listening to podcasts, and adopt a new perspective or method. I get energized by raising ideas and innovative actions.


How do you spend your time outside working hours?


First and foremost, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have 4 children, the youngest of whom is six years old. 


I’m a co-chairman of the “science and technology forum” of “Panim Hadashot” association, we run courses and mentoring sessions for hundreds of mid-school girls to expose them to science and technology, and to encourage them to choose STEM majors in high school.


I am also a partner in several startups and served on the board of IATI – the umbrella organization for the Israeli biotech and high-tech industries. I’m a Trustees member of the Hadassah College Board.  


Where can one find more information about your job openings?


Our website – https://readygroup.co.il/careers/

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