Chipus to offer Ultra-Low-Power Analog IP Solutions for SilTerra’s IoT Platform

March 08, 2018, anysilicon

Malaysian-based wafer foundry SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Silterra) and Brazilian based Chipus Microeletrônica S.A. (Chipus) have jointly announced a partnership to provide analog IP solutions focusing on the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market for their mutual customers. This announcement marks a significant milestone of the multi-year collaboration between SilTerra and Chipus.


Chipus, expertise in analog IPs and IC design services, targeted at the Ultra-LowPower (ULP) IoT applications, has been chosen by the foundry as it fits SilTerra’s IoT platform using the 180nm Ultra-Low-Leakage CMOS technology (I18L). The long-term partnership between the companies have brought them together again to deliver focused semiconductor foundry services and IP solutions and take the leading position in the fast growing IoT market.


The IP Portfolio will be validated in silicon throughout 2018 in two phases, with tapeouts in April 2018 and 3rd quarter 2018. Chipus IP list for I18L contains the following blocks:


  • True-ULP 32768Hz RTC Oscillator
  • High-Performance Low-Power 32768Hz RTC Oscillator
  • 6MHz (Re-targetable to 1-20MHz / 3.3V or 1.8V) Low-Power Oscillator

ULP Power Management Blocks

  • ULP 370nA LDO Regulator 10mA Load o ULP 120nA Power-on Reset
  • ULP 75nA 1.24V Bandgap Reference o ULP 8nA Current Generator
  • DCDC PFM/PWM High Efficiency Converters (150mA – 500mA Load)
  • Fully Integrated Ultra-Low-Power Management Unit for IoT ASICs (600nA)

12 bit 5MSPS SAR ADC

Low-Power 12-bit Resolution Temperature Sensor


These IPs are based on consolidated architectures that are silicon proven and that have been successfully delivered to customers. As the porting process is still on-going, some specifications can be adjusted to address customers’ requests. “Its an honor to strengthen our partnership and continue developing new solutions for our customers along with SilTerra. We are excited to leverage our expertise on ultralow-power IPs in IoT applications with SilTerra’s technology and platform. This is a step forward in our international strategy and company roadmap. It comes in handy to drive our solutions for battery-powered IoT devices and a great opportunity to continue showing why we have been trusted by SilTerra for the last 7 years”, says Murilo Pessatti, Chipus’ CEO.


SilTerra recently announced the release of 180nm Ultra Low Leakage Technology to target at the IoT Sensor Hub applications. The technology is created for customers who need extreme low power and cost effective technology based on SilTerra’s mature, proven, high-volume 0.18-micron technology platform to design for the IoT applications such as remote sensors, wearable, smart meters, and low-power embedded systems. The technology offers modular process option such as RFCMOS passive and active devices, as well as embedded Flash memory, which is ideal for single System-On-Chip (SoC) solution for IoT sensor hub IC design.


“With Chipus strong analog design expertise, they have demonstrated excellent time to market track record in delivering IP solutions to serve SilTerra’s customers, particularly in CMOS and BCD technologies. We are excited to work with Chipus and this partnership would enable our mutual customers to experience reduced design risk and shorten time-to-market advantage”, said Yit Loong Lai, Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing of SilTerra.


To strengthen the commitment and support provided by Chipus to its customers that SilTerra has seen throughout the years, the Brazilian company has recently received the ISO 9001:2015 certification that confirms to the market that the company is concerned about delivering their services in a standardized way and, consequently, with the quality expected by the customer.


Please, go to this link to access the more detailed list of IPs and interact with Chipus Team to further discuss about the IP specifications and customization possibilities.


About Chipus


Chipus Microelectronics is a semiconductor company with proven expertise in the development of ultra-low-power, low-voltage, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) and systems on chip (SoCs). Relying on a strong experience in power management and data converters, the company has more than 200 IP mixed-signal blocks in process nodes from 40nm to 0.35um of various foundries. Since its foundation in 2008, Chipus has provided IC design services in leading edge technologies also, including down to 28nm and 10nm, with firm commitment and flexible client support to customers worldwide (USA and Americas, Europe, and Asia). Headquartered in Florianópolis, Brazil, Chipus has a US subsidiary in Silicon Valley and sales teams in both USA and Europe. Assuring quality standards, Chipus is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

For additional information on Chipus or its services, please visit: www.chipus-ip.com


About SilTerra


SilTerra Malaysia Sdn Bhd is a semiconductor wafer foundry offering fabrication and design support services in CMOS logic, High-Voltage, Mixed-signal, RF, BCD, Power and MEMS technologies down to 90 nanometer feature size. SilTerra’s wafer fab has a design-in capacity of 46,000 eight-inch wafers per month and currently serves customers in US, Taiwan, Korea and China. Environmentally vigilant, SilTerra delivers award-winning, world-class performance to its customers seeking flexible capacity, custom technologies, competitive advantages and around the clock customer support. SilTerra is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified. Starting commercial production in 2001, the company’s headquarters and factory are located in Malaysia’s Kulim Hi-Tech Park, with sales and marketing offices in San Jose (California) and Hsinchu (Taiwan). For additional information on SilTerra or its services, please visit www.silterra.com


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