Faraday Continues Expanding Its Ethernet Solutions for Networking Demands in ASIC

Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035), a leading ASIC design service and IP provider, announced that its Gigabit Ethernet PHY has been silicon proven on UMC’s 28HPC+ process and is now available for new ASIC SoC designs and IP licensing. This new IP, based on 28nm node, provides the benefits of low power-consumption and high performance. Together with Faraday’s networking solutions, it can facilitate efficient development of a broad range of applications such as industrial switch, home gateway, xPON, smart home appliance, access layer switch, router, and factory automation.


Faraday’s newly launched Gigabit Ethernet PHY features both 1000BASE-T copper medium access and 100BASE-FX optical medium access. It can implement a 3.3V GbE PHY utilizing 1.8V IO that makes this IP easily integrated in 28HPC+ 1.8V low power SoC platform. This GbE PHY also utilizes DSP-based Filtering to achieve superior anti-interference performance. In addition, the solution supports flip-chip and wire-bond layouts to meet the customer’s package requirement for high performance SoC or cost effective applications.


“Faraday’s Gigabit and Fast Ethernet PHY solutions have accumulated mass-production experiences widely in networking and industrial applications through our ASIC SoC designs and IP licensing business,” said Flash Lin, COO of Faraday Technology. “We believe the new transceiver on 28HPC+ process will be a unique solution in demand. Faraday will keep investing and providing the critical building blocks for customers’ multiple market segments,” he added.


About Faraday Technology Corporation


Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035) is a leading ASIC design service and IP provider, certificated to ISO 9001 and ISO 26262. The broad silicon IP portfolio includes I/O, Cell Library, Memory Compiler, ARM-compliant CPUs, LPDDR4/4X, DDR4/3, MIPI D-PHY, V-by-One, USB 3.1/2.0, 10/100 Ethernet, Giga Ethernet, SATA3/2, PCIe Gen4/3, and 28G programmable SerDes, etc. Headquartered in Taiwan, Faraday has service and support offices around the world, including the U.S., Japan and China. For more information, visit www.faraday-tech.com or follow Faraday on LinkedIn.


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