First OSAT in the Middle East: Israel Strengthens Semiconductor Independence by Uniting iNPACK Expertise with ATS Engineering

iNPACK (a PCB Technologies Ltd. Company) and cutting-edge IC packaging and assembly house in Israel, in conjunction with ATS Engineering, a leading IC Test House based in Israel, have announced a transformative collaboration in order to establish the first Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) facility in the Middle East. This pioneering venture aims to address the evolving post-silicon requirements of the semiconductor industry, providing a seamless array of services—from substrate design and manufacturing, packaging, and assembly, to wafer sort, final test, and comprehensive package qualification—all unified under a single umbrella.



This strategic move is not only driven by the pursuit of technological excellence, but also by the sensitive security situation experienced collectively. The establishment of the new OSAT is positioned as a critical step to enhance national security. It will enable Israeli clients to execute their entire post-silicon supply chain without the need to seek services outside the country, thereby safeguarding critical semiconductor processes within the nation’s borders.


The joint venture represents a strategic investment by iNPACK and ATS to elevate and expand the Test & Packaging capabilities of the newly formed OSAT. This strategic alignment underscores the commitment of both iNPACK and ATS Engineering in creating a world-class engineering OSAT in the region, poised to deliver comprehensive semiconductor solutions.


“We are excited to embark on this groundbreaking journey with ATS Engineering to establish the first OSAT in Israel”, says Yaniv Meydar, CEO of iNPACK. “This collaboration signifies a strategic investment for iNPACK, empowering us to broaden our capabilities and provide comprehensive semiconductor solutions to our valued customers.”


ATS Engineering’s expertise in IC testing combined with iNPACKs’ proficiency in assembly and IC packaging creates a unique synergy, contributing to the creation of a semiconductor innovation hub. The new OSAT is set to cover all post-silicon needs, offering a one-stop-shop solution for semiconductor customers and ensuring the highest standards of package qualification.


“We see immense potential in the opportunities that this collaboration brings to the semiconductor landscape in Israel”, says ATS Engineering CEO Avi Tiv. “Through our collective strengths, we aim to establish a world-class OSAT that not only meets but exceeds the evolving needs of our customers; contributing to the advancement of the semiconductor ecosystem in the region.”


As part of the investment plan, iNPACK and ATS are committed to allocating significant resources to drive innovation and excellence in semiconductor manufacturing. Both CEOs express confidence in the success of this collaboration, foreseeing positive outcomes for both companies and the wider semiconductor community.


The establishment of the first OSAT in Israel is poised to reinforce the region’s standing as a hub for semiconductor excellence. iNPACK and ATS Engineering are eager to deliver cutting-edge solutions, contributing to the technological advancement of Israel and beyond.

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