• Engineering Management & Technology leader with 25+ years of expertise in Pre-Sales / Post-Sales CAD/EDA/App-Engineering/Design Automation development & management customer-facing roles.
• Proven track record of leading and delivering excellent tool/flow solutions to internal/external customers at Amazon, Cadence Design Systems, Intel, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments Inc.
• Managing and leading projects with multi-geo team members and customers which include developing, delivering, and organizing training, documentation, and solutions for complex tool/flow challenges.
• Skilled intimately with flow development around foundry tech from Intel, TSMC, and Samsung.
• Command in architecting and developing CAD applications, tool/features customization, PDK Development, and QA Regression on various HPC clusters to distribute/load-share complex jobs using LSF automation.
• Computer Engineer with a strong programming background and software development experience in Perl, Cadence SKILL, Python, TCL, Database/SQL, and Unix/Linux utilities.
• Excellent business and interpersonal communication skills and a “Can Do” attitude.
• AWS Cloud Practitioner Certified and passionately learning AI/ML/Chat-GPT to improve overall productivity.