GlobalFoundries rumored to be acquired by the Chinese

September 15, 2015, anysilicon

GlobalFoundries is probably doing something right because China has set its eyes on GlobalFoundries with rumors of a possible imminent acquisition. Indeed, thanks to several strategical decisions, GlobalFoundries is offering today a unique portfolio, both CMOS and SiGe processes, cutting-end technology (14nm and 22FDSOI) and a global semiconductor manufacturing footprint.



The decision of acquiring GlobalFoundries, came after the Chinese company received the denial for the acquisition of Micron, and subsequent to ATIC  (Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Investment) rumored release of its holdings in GlobalFoundries.




Hua Capital Management, renowned for being the resourceful firm capable of successfully close the acquisition of Omnivision (the smartphone camera sensor manufacturer), has approached GlobalFoundries in order to persuade the firm to be acquired. however, there is one relatively big problem standing on the path: Samsung license agreement with GlobalFoundries for the 14nm FinFET process.


Indeed, Samsung will firmly stand against the Chinese investment and will oppose to it in order to avoid any possible future competition. Time will tell how things will evolve and get to an end.




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