GLOBALFOUNDRIES Release Schedule for 14nm

June 13, 2015, anysilicon

The 14nm technology development between Samsung and GlobalFoundries that started last year is now reaching its final step by releasing the availability schedule of the process technology including the 2 main flavors.



The primary concept of the strategic collaboration is to make 14nm FinFET technology available at both Samsung and GlobalFoundries, giving customers the assurance of supply that can only come from true design compatibility at multiple sources across the globe.

Although the ramp to production was planned to start in 2014, GlobalFoundries only now releases the official schedule to the market.


Some major players might have already access to the technology to help GlobalFoundries run a few pipe cleaners and to ensure first paying customers. One of them, might be Apple.



The big hope for GlobalFoundries management is to win some of Apple’s production by running A9 project on 14nm technology node in GlobalFoundries Malta fab. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple picked Samsung and GlobalFoundries over the world’s largest chip manufacturer, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. But this seems not to be final decision of Apple.


GF14 nm






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