Google Will Design a Mobile Phone CPU

Google is taking the next necessary steps towards the mobile phone market and plans to start developing and producing CPU chips for enabling a complete mobile phone eco system, to be combined with its successful Android operating systems.



Google has started in recent weeks talks with several processors manufacturers, to be involved in the early stages of planning the processor and maybe other peripheral components.


According to a report published in The Information met Google officials in recent days with representatives of a number of producers and processors, and presented them with a long list of ingredients, they want a plan in full cooperation.


According to sources familiar with the matter, Google wants first and foremost to design the CPU itself, ie, core smartphone processors, as among other things Google wants to increase the cache (Cache) containing processors.


Other components are components faster camera and built-in support depth cameras, such as the company’s Tango Project. By dictating the technical specifications of the processors, Google will ensure that Android phones will run smoothly, with no “bottlenecks” and all the new features it plans to combine its future operating systems, work well.

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